Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wildman Will at 19 months

As one-year olds tend to do, Will is growing up right before our eyes. Every day he does or says something that reminds me our baby is quickly becoming a boy.

Cute things he does:
Cartwheels/sommersaults - this is basically where he dives, face-first, to the floor, then rolls to his side and laughs
spins until he's dizzy and falls over
Looks at books for long periods of time
Pokes me in the eyes and ears, etc. while reciting all the body parts he knows
Sings along to my lullaby, Jesus Loves Me, and Let it Go ;)
Growls like a monster

(and takes selfies, apparently)

Cute things he says:
"I see you!" from top of the stairs or around the corner
"Knock, knock." [who's there?] "Boo!"
"I'm funny!"
Super friendly and says hi and bye to people in the store, on sidewalks.
"Mouse!" (Mickey Mouseclubhouse) "Hi Tootles!"
"Backpack, backpack!" (anytime he sees Dora.)
"I stinky. I pooooped."
"Tookie, rookie!" when I pull into the Publix parking lot since we get a free cookie every time we shop.
"Yook, yook!" When he's showing me something...most recently his stamped foot from Little Gym

Not cute things:
Throwing tantrums because 1. he's not getting what he wants, 2. he is getting what he wants, but not in the "right way" (wrong cup, not fast enough)
Yelling "nooooo" and shaking his head emphatically
Yelling "mine!" and grabbing the possession
Not letting anyone else but me get him up in the morning without a fight

Things he loves:
My phone
Daddy coming home from work
Getting tickled
Being Katie Beth's minion/cohert
Going "side" (outside) - he runs to put on his "soos" anytime someone heads for the door

(first time painting)

Foods he eat (this is a comprehensive, all-inclusive, don't-feed-him-anything-else list):
Hot dogs
Apple slices
Mac n Cheese
Tortellini/spaghetti (most of the time)
PB sandwiches
Cakes, cookies, muffins
"keen" (ice cream)

He still is a wonderful sleeper - from 8 at night til around 7 a.m. - never wakes in between...wouldn't know that was a luxury if it weren't for his big sis! And we're working on getting to one nap a day, but sometimes a guy has to have a morning snooze too. 

From running through the house, climbing out of his highchair, driving the kids' tractor, and fighting for "his right" among the others, this guy is starting to come into his own. And while that presents some challenges, like going to timeout for the first time after chucking food off his tray, we are so thankful for this little chunk of love!

We love you, Wildman Will!


Cathy C said...

This handsome little melts my heart! He looks like Ben in the one where he's sitting at the desk with the phone in his hand. Wildman Will really sums him up!

Jess Isle said...

Ha! Love the part about being Katie Beth's minion. And I'm totally on board with his favorite foods list. Can't believe how fast he's growing- but he'll always be Baby Will to us!