Friday, March 16, 2012

"Katie Beth, do you want a baby brudder? Or just a duhrl?"

(More about Ben's thoughts on the matter to follow)

There were just a few things I forgot to include on the previous post... an ultrasound picture!
This is from my phone at our 11 or 12 week appointment. Tyler so sweetly offered to laminate the picture at the office for safe keeping. Turns out that laminating machines melt the u/s picture paper! :'( So glad I'd taken this picture beforehand to send to my family! If you can't tell, the baby is lying on his/her back, showing us his/her profile of left side of face and waving his/her right hand. 

(We'll be happy after my appointment on Monday to stop saying "his/her".)

 And here are the two big siblings!
 Ben is pretty pumped up. He kisses my belly all the time (and comments on how "really big" it is already). He actually spilled the beans to their babysitter right after we'd spilled the beans to him. She told me that he said, "Guess what! There is a baby in my mommy's belly. It has to stay in there for a little while, but then the doctor will take it out. It's a boy, and his name is Superman."

Since I can guarantee this baby won't be born with a cape and secret identity, we've been working on talking about how much fun little sisters are too in hopes of warding off possible double disappointment!

How could he not want another one of these to hug?!

Ben's been very helpful in the baby-name department. Other than Superman, he's suggested "Zaxby" (possibly in reference to my chicken-tender sandwich phase a few weeks ago...thanks for that reminder), "Hank" (that would be the triceratops from Dinosaur Train), "David" (happy he stuck with that one and not "Goliath") and "Married" ( That would be as in "Mary and Joseph"...proof that if it has to be a girl, he still thinks very highly of this child).

And they're off! Just think, soon there will be three doing these circles around me...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy news from the happiest place on earth!

Hello out there! (if anyone is in fact, still out there) We took a very last-minute trip to Disney World at the end of January. The trip was fantastic and deserves a post of its own...which I do plan to make happen ;), but I wanted to post our most favorite picture from our adventure for the non-Facebooking crowd:

It's the one picture of all five of us!

That's right, we're keeping the energy of a young family going by adding another member around August 16. We are beyond grateful to have number 3 on the way, and know that while life will be very busy, it will also be that much better with this special little person in it. 

17 weeks, on way to our 8th anniversary dinner

And for comparison's sake...this is 17 weeks with Ben.
(pretty sure I was pushing it out here too...amazing what a couple of babies can do to a belly.)

When Tyler took my picture, Ben said, "hey - can I get in on that?" 
So, here's me and allllllll my kids!

We are so thankful for the two healthy and happy children we've been blessed with so far, and ask for your prayers for the same this time around. I'll keep you posted (albeit sporadically!)!