Thursday, May 9, 2013

Will is 9 months!

Dear Will,
Wow, what a month!

You have mastered crawling. Like a boss. As in one day you couldn't and the next day, where'd you go?!


This has, of course, made life a little more hectic. You seem to have Katie Beth's magnetism towards dangerous things like the pebbles in the fireplace. tissue paper that wads up nicely in your mouth, the shower door that closes on your arm, etc. 

But it sure does motivate me to get that dishwasher unloaded!

So I've begged, borrowed and stolen toys in hopes of keeping you entertained...and safe. 

They work about as long as it takes me to think, "oh he likes it! I should get the camera! [click]" and you're done. You'd rather be on the floor to have free rein of the house (because we have yet to secure all the baby latches sitting in our drawer)...oh and to play with brother and sister's things.

One place that I can pretty much guarantee your happiness, at least on few-and-far-between sunny days, is the new swing that your Papa installed on your awesome new swing set!

Of course, as soon as you could crawl, you wanted to start trying to pull up! Mostly at this point, it's only been to your knees, but lately I've noticed that lower-length strength is building!

almost time to lower the crib...sad day!

Just kidding. Who could be sad looking at this face?

Or these toes.

Not me. You melt my heart!

Your most adorable trick, aside from just being adorable, is waving! Although serious about it, you are not stingy with the wave, and it really makes people's days. At least it does mine, especially when you're waking up from a carseat nap and lock eyes with mine and slowly start to flap that little wrist.

This past month saw you starting to really get set in your ways. You do not like to have your diaper/clothes changed. Not one bit. And you do not want to sit in the bath bathtub in the sink. Not at all. Don't even think about trying to distract you from something you want. Will will make a way! You are ready to sleep at 8, after bath and nursing and go down so smoothly. I don't usually hear from you until 5 - 5:30 a.m., at which point I feed you and put you to bed b/c A. It is not time to get up, and B. you've cried it out for an hour before, which was then 6, and I'd already been staring at the monitor for an hour, so I might as well have fed you and gone back to sleep for just a little bit. (It's not a perfect system, but I know it's also just a phase.)

Then you nurse again when waking around 7 and usually are gunning to start the day. With breakfast. And since you've gotten a good handle on picking up your own food, finger food is definitely what you prefer. 

spaghetti noodles


um, black beans, cheddar cheese, yellow squash, lasagna
The mess is monumental.
But third baby in a busy house has to have his perks - Ben never would've gotten away with this!

You do seem to have a particular palette (ugh, already?!) and can differentiate between what you like and don't like on your tray. And just like Katie Beth, you will tolerate, at best, Cheerios....but know that whining loud and long enough will get you the good Puffs.

Taking your first big-boy ride in the shopping cart.
Shoveling in snacks that we may or may not have opened on aisle 6

First time with a snack cup
Nailed it.

First French fry
On one of your first lunch dates in a highchair, my friend suggested it, and I think you will love her forever. We couldn't get them to you fast enough! That's my boy.

After breakfast and playtime/dropping kids at preschool, it's time for your nap. Which you are obsessed with, and I feel bad for making you miss, so we just stay home.
'cuz who could deny a guy this kind of sleep?

You'll sleep for two hours and then be ready to go back down for about that long after lunch and a little more playtime. Dinner follows immediately, and nightly baths are now part of the bedtime ritual.

So, nine months, Will. It's the length of time that we were waiting to meet you, dreaming what you'd be like. Praying you'd be healthy, hoping you'd be easy. Worth the wait, my baby boy. You are all we wanted and more!

Love you big.