Sunday, October 30, 2011

Disney on Ice!

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook

This takes some time to load...wish I'd known that before I started. And there are blank pages on the end I couldn't delete. Anyhoo, this was my date-night with Ben and our friends George and Julie. And we had a blast!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Katie Beth is 18-months old!

Well, there is no more denying it, Katie Beth is a year and a half!

She was 20lbs and 27 inches at her 15-mth appointment and is now 22lbs and almost 31 inches (keeping in mind, I'm holding her down on an exam table while a nurse tries for an accurate measure...I hardly think she grew 4 inches in three months!)
Size 4 diapers
12-18 month clothes
Sleeps around 10 hours a night, wakes earlier than I'd like and usually once during the night for a paci replacement.
Naps well in the afternoon, sometime in the mornings too, if the schedule allows
Has her four top front teeth, plus two molars and three on the bottom

Things she says: 
"Hi" and "Bye"
"Beh" - Ben.
"Bubbee" - Brother.
"Babeeee." - Baby. This could be a real baby, a picture of herself, a doll, or any kid with a pacifier in his mouth - which has insulted a few preschooler moms, coming from such a pipsqueak.
"Nana" - Nana. Or banana...depends on the context.
"Muh" - Milk. Never have to worry about her calcium intake as this girl goes through a gallon of milk each week. She has the metabolism of a hummingbird too because it's not the reduced-fat kind!
"Ear-uh-doe" - Here you go.
"Dank-doo" - Thank you. Both of these are done in her sing-song voice. It's the sweetest sound that I need to record because we'll miss it when she outgrows it.
"Up-ee" - Up please.
"Nnnnooo!" - What were you thinking? How could you possibly ask me that? Why won't you leave me alone? Usually accompanied by a frantic hand wave, to further emphasize her displeasure in your request.
"ishies" - fishies. Maybe she'll be a marine biologist. She loves fish - pictures of fish, fish toys, Goldfish crackers, etc. I have two tickets to the aquarium that I'm looking forward to using b/c it's been a long time since she's seen them for real.
"Wahvee" - Zoe. She will start chanting it when we walk in the house and squeal with delight when Zoe rounds the corner to greet us. Katie Beth loves her, plays with her, tries to lie in bed with her (bleh), but will sometimes boss her around with a serious "out!" command.
"I dinty" - I stinky. Katie Beth despises a wet diaper and says this while scrunching her face and pulling at her diaper. Such a contrast from Ben who still never notices if he wakes up with a wet pull-up (hence the pull-up at night). I need to start buying a discount brand, because she is not letting those Huggies live up to their full absorption-potential.
"I dint it" - I drink it. She said this while I was trying to help her drink from a water bottle during our camping trip early October. It was her first uncoached sentence, and was so clear that it freaked me out a little.
"Amy" - Amen.
"Baih" - Katie Beth. Good thing we don't call her Katherine Elizabeth!
"Mommy" - I want something. It was heartwarming the first time I thought I finally heard her say my name. Then I realized she was talking to her milk. And then the remote. Some times my friends (and usually not women). If she hears Ben shout for me, she will too, but she probably thinks he's bossing me around. Which he probably is. Hmm...

Things she does:
Barks at dogs - "wuh wuh"
Backward-snorts whenever you ask what sound a pig makes...or a cow...or a horse.
Squeals/shrieks in delight when she's excited about something. I went deaf at the grocery store one day over by the lobster tank.
Blows her nose. And she is really good at it!
She will fold her hands together if you tell her it's time to pray. I found this out by mistake at dinner one night and was shocked. They must do that in her mothers' day out class. So sweet!
Waves to passing trucks and shouts "byeeee!". Just trucks though, cars are on their own.
Bites. Mmm-hmm, we have a vampire baby on our hands - and she's no Cullen, she's out for people blood. I've warned friends and her classroom that if there is a power struggle, get the other kid out of biting distance pronto!

Things she loves:
Baby dolls. She has a few at home that she "cares for" by putting them in her highchair, to bed on the airvent, for a walk in the little stroller or just on her hip or by their hair. But she rocks them (violently) and gives them the biggest hugs and lots of kisses. There is a doll in her classroom that she has adopted to the point that none of the other kids even attempt to play with it.
Being outside.
Water. If I can combine those four things into an outing, I have won Mom of the Day in her book.
Drinking milk, eating bananas, waffles, turkey, squeeze fruit pouches, crackers, cheese, among other things.
"Singing" Head, Shoulders; Twinkle, Twinkle; Itsy-Bitsy Spider; Jesus Loves Me; Wheels on the Bus; bedtime lullaby
Her daddy. While she gives me plenty of attention and hugs during the day, I might as well turn into a toad when Tyler gets home. "Daddeeeeee!" she squeals as she runs and flings herself onto his legs, and will not be removed from his side until he lays her in bed. And oh how quickly she tied that little pink string around his finger. Daddy's princess, through and through. So thankful to see this bond and can't wait to watch their relationship grow through the years.

Things she loathes:
Getting dressed.
Mommy helping.
Being strappeddown/confined in any way. (Car seats, shopping carts, etc. Running errands is fun!)
Foliage. She absolutely panics when confronted with a flower of any kind, anywhere.
Green vegetables.

Of course, although lengthy, this is not a complete list...and even if it were, it would be outdated tomorrow, as she is picking up new skills and developing different traits every day. She continues to be our "spirited" child, and I remind myself often that her independent personality, while frustrating as a toddler, will serve her well in life. Her determination is admirable, and her smile still lights up the room. 

And her hugs really are the best. 

Happy 18 months, Katie Beth! You are so deeply loved.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Bittersweet October...

The mellow, messy, leaf-kicking, perfect pause between the opposing miseries of summer and winter."
~Carol Bishop Hipps

Oh how true. This month has been, I'm gonna just say it, glorious. I've loved every moment outside whether it's been running with the jogging stroller in crisp air under bright blue sky or running errands with a pumpkin spice latte in hand. Other than that, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves (mostly).

Enjoying our friend, Georgia's, third birthday party:

Camping trip to Carter's Lake in Georgia:

Some silliness at home: 

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell hit the Creative Discovery Museum's Monsterbash:

(working on a bat craft)

Mommy and Ben Date to GoFest at the Zoo:

(found our Radnoti friends among the crowd)

The Jack-o-latern Festival at Chattanooga Nature Center:

(singing "twinkle twinkle")

(that's a Batman symbol on his cheek)

Burt's Pumpkin Farm in Georgia:

We do enjoy a good festival. :)