Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sixteen months old!

Time keeps marching on, as does our little boy. Well, he mostly just walks, but it's still all happening too fast!
Ben's starting doing a lot of mimicking this month. It's fun to hear his parroted "hot!" "ouch!" and "thank you" replies...not that anyone else could really understand what he's saying!

Teeth are sprouting up all over the place now: eight out front and two molars, with another coming up fast. He seems to be taking it in stride. Actually he's been a very sweet and patient boy this month, coming to work with me when his school closed for a swine-flu scare (negative), and again when his cold made his temperature spike. Not to mention the many plane rides and long, napless days when we spend time with family in Massachusetts.
Lots of pictures to come of the rest of our May adventures, but aside from a few teeny-tiny meltdowns here and there, Ben continues to be a joy!

Friday, May 22, 2009

I scream, you scream...

On one of the many no-time-to-cook evenings we've had lately, Tyler picked up dinner from Jim-N-Nicks and we dined alfresco on the backporch. This particular evening, Ben got a hold of Tyler's sugar-laden lemonade and practiced his straw-drinking technique. After being robbed of his beverage, Tyler turned to ice cream...but eventually had to fork that over too!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Nana

sharing generously
making the best chocolate-chip cookies
never felt like Christmas until she arrived
yelling "Stay Irish!" to street lights
New England Patriots pride
Boston Celtics spirit
Boston Red Sox determination
religiously watching "Price is Right"
rolling eyes, with a "Oh Brotha"
so many games of checkers, Go Fish
"I love you"
completing rigorous puzzles
slipping $20s in my pocket
oh, the snoring
loving my friends and my husband because I do
driving the New England coast
"I'm so proud of you"
never complaining...
not once
up on neighborhood gossip
fiercely loyal
snitching cookie dough
incessantly forwarding chain mail

Love you Nana, with all my heart. So thankful for the time we had together, sad for the time we'll spend apart and looking forward to a joyful reunion in heaven.


Friday, May 15, 2009

just a cute video

Kinda slow at the beginning, but I just wanted to capture Ben in all his cuteness.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Splish splash!

This year, April showers seem to have brought May...uh...showers. "Fortunately" Tyler and Ben have had lots of fun getting wet and muddy in the bog!

Here comes Trouble!

Why yes, Ben, this is precisely what Grandma hoped you'd do while wearing that monogrammed PBK outfit!

"Ooh, Dad, you're good at this."

"My turn!"

Why do I have the feeling this will be my view for years to come?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ben and Austin's first sleepover

One of the things we enjoy about living in Birmingham, is that we're just a 4 -5 hours' drive to the beach. Makes for a quick trip for us, and a convenient pit stop for our friends and family headed south! We got to catch up with Francis, Kirsten and Austin last weekend when they stayed overnight. So fun to see these babies grow into little boys together!

What are you guys looking at?

Francis teaching Ben his wizardly ways of mathematics and algorithms...or maybe just barnyard animal noises.

See how well they get along?!
(Ben can be a wee bit territorial...)

Thanks for sleeping over guys! Hope you're having fun at the beach!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A good gig, if you can get it

I'm totally into this mommy thing. Love it, and I love my boy!

We've had some good times in the past month...

going out for pizza
hitting up the foam parties
sharing cereal
and living it up at "we love homewood day"

Oh yes, we did the slide. Twice.

So, happy mothers' day to all moms...we're thinking of ours especially today. You've got some fans in the 'ham - thanks for loving us like you do!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Wild times at the zoo

A few weeks ago, Ben and I went on his school-wide field trip to the zoo. It was a sunny and hot morning, and Ben seemed a little overwhelmed at times, but he was a trooper.

(didn't realize we were doing tough-guy faces here)

I wasn't sure if he was into the sealion show, but the picture I took to investigate shows how closely he was paying attention. Wonder what he's thinking...

"No, I did not know that's how they do that. Thanks trainerman."

While he did spend a good deal of time like this:
it was fun to release him to explore on his own for the first time.

"That's a big kitty cat!"

What does a lion say Ben?

"Here, birdie, birdie, birdie..."

And then all the flamingos stuck their necks straight up and started honking and Ben tore away from that fence and behind me as fast as those little legs could carry him.

"Yikes! Do you think they heard me?"

He was tired too, which was weird because he kinda slept in that day. He was conked out by the time we pulled out of the zoo parking lot and stayed that way through most of the picnic held back at the school.
Then when he woke up, he downed a ton of baked beans.

That's all he ate!
Apparently, all the teachers know that they are his favorite and to double bib him on baked-bean days. His mother did not!

It was a fun morning together, and I'm looking forward to getting back soon...with lots of sunscreen and water.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Fifteen-month post...finally

I know you've lost sleep over why there hasn't been a 15-month post about Ben...oh wait, even I haven't done that. Just couldn't seem to get it together on time! Here it is - in chronological order of course.

Have a wonderful weekend! Tyler's in Boston for an orthodontics conference, and Mom and Dad are coming to keep us company. Actually Ben's been keeping me company since Thursday as his school is shut down while they determine the strain of flu of a fellow attender. It's been an interesting two days of work and toddler wrangling to say the least!