Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lullabye medley and a Thanksgiving song

Ben and Katie Beth like to have a constant soundtrack following their daily routine. So far Katie Beth sticks to singing her favorites over and over until they blend into one long, confusing, anthem. Will clearly doesn't know what to think of her impromptu serenade!

Ben prefers to freestyle. Here's his Ode to the Turkey:

Sure to be a classic! Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Will is three months!

Dear Will,

You're three months old! 

wears size 2-3 diapers
wears 3-6, 6 month clothes
weighs...a butterball turkey

I snapped your chair pic right before bed when I realized the day had just about passed us by. You weren't totally amused. 

But you amuse us all the time!

Enjoying the new perspective you get in the Bumbo seat. Check out that head control! It's a great place to keep you happy for a few minutes...and it also keeps you, ahem, regular too. 

But who doesn't love a nice bath anyway, right?

Your sweet smiles, calm disposition and endless cuddles definitely earned your title as our little pumpkin.

And your brother and sister cannot get enough!

You are now an international man of mystery with your official passport.

 Wish we could've used this one for your mugshot though! (yikes!)

Bundled up for a brisk fall morning walk

Still swaddled and in the nap nanny, you are sleeping about 12 hours a night, sometimes waking for a quick feeding. But let loose on the activity mat, you've started showing signs that you're possibly ready to get a bit more mobile!

But we're enjoying this napping position most of all!

Holy cow, we can't get enough of you, kid. You were an amazing newborn and still such a perfect baby. We know it's loud here and a little crazy sometimes and you've had your eyes poked on more than one occasion, but we sure hope you've been as happy to be in our family these last three months as we are to have you!

You truly are the Best Baby Bro. 

I love you too. xo