Friday, January 29, 2010

Big-boy checkup and PT talk

Since it had been a while since Ben went to the doctor (a stark contrast from last winter), we've been reading Courdoroy Goes to the Doctor for the past few nights in anticipation of his two-year old appointment with Dr. Smith. Ben was ready to go on Wednesday, following Courdoroy's lead of taking a deep breath to listen to his chest and saying "ahhhh" to see inside his mouth. We also discussed getting shots so we don't get sick and saying "Ousch. I ok!"

And that morning, everything really was ok. More than that actually - Ben had so much fun, he laid down in protest, on the floor of the waiting room, when it was time to go.

It probably helped that there were no shots this time around (I never know the schedule), only a finger prick, which Ben was just fascinated by as the nurse collected blood and placed the bandaid. And it was his first big-boy checkup of standing on the wall to read his height and wearing a blood-pressure cuff. So big!

His stats were a little surprising to me, as I would've thought his percentages would be reversed!
weight: 28 lbs, almost 50%
height: 33 in, almost 70%

Dr. Smith gave me some helpful advice about waiting a few months to move him to a big-boy bed and also for the dreaded potty training...too many changes all at once are just a lot for a boy and his mommy to tackle. Amen to that!

So for those who are curious (as everyone seems to be when your baby turns two), we're just going with the, ahem, flow when it comes to potty training. He is very conscious now though of when his diaper is wet or dirty and will shout it out for all ears to hear, no matter where we are. :)

And the kids at school have been sitting on the potty since the new year, but Ben has yet to do anything more than that. Well actually he did a little more than that the other day when he tried to scoot himself on to the potty without the teachers' knowing and didn't realize the seat wasn't down. He just fell right in, jeans and all! Poor kid was not happy, wearing his change of clothes, when I arrived for pickup. He led me into the bathroom all pouty, pointed to the miniature toilet, and said "I feh potty, Mahmmy." I tried not to laugh. Really, I tried.

Here's that picture he'll love that I posted on the Internet in a few years...
"I sit potty, Mahmmy!"

But sitting on the potty has at least made him more excited about getting undressed, which leads to a nice transition to the tub...where things, for the moment, are pretty fun!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Two-years old!

Dear Ben,

Two-years old! As I struggle to heave you over the crib railing tonight, it doesn't seem possible that you could be the same person as the eight-pound bundle you were two years ago today.

Words fail to explain how much I love you, Ben. Two years of baby shampoo, warm breath, belly laughs, wrestling matches, quiet cuddles, thumb sucking, lovey carrying, chubby cheeks, dimply bottom, shaggy hair, sticky hands, soft skin, wet kisses, excited squeals. Sweet memories that I pray to remember, while so looking forward to what lies ahead.

And that's a good thing, because you are growing and changing ever so fast. Seems that while in Canada, someone (or eight someones) tripped an energy-booster switch in our boy! "Laid-back" and "mellow" are no longer the first terms I'd use to describe you. From first thing in the morning, until the fourth time we tell you to lay down and go to sleep, you are ready for action.

"Tum Mahmmy!" and you grab my finger to lead me.

"I do it!"

"Ih dat Mahmmy?" on repeat. As in, my side of the conversation is, "It's the oven, a spoon, your book" until finally, "I don't know Ben, what is it?" to which you'll proudly report back.

You can't say "c" or "l", so your cars are "tahrs" and your friend Bella is "Beya". You're opposed to starting words with vowels and prefer that Elmo be "Mehmo" and Aunt Jess's dog, Abby, be "Babbee"

Sometimes you refer to daddy as "Tyer" and can hear his car pull into the driveway...although so can the neighbors thanks to that exhaust pipe...but it gets you super pumped up!

Speaking of cars, they are your thing right now. You have started quite a Hot Wheels collection, but enjoy lining them up, counting them and carrying them more than actually driving them anywhere. But what you do like to drive are your bikes! Vroom, vroom!

You love to help in the kitchen, chase Zoe, eat breakfast, drink milk, dance, play with playdoh, watch Mickey Mouse and read your favorite books. You are very polite, "scuuse me, Zoe" "Dank oo, Mommy" and affectionate with your tight squeezes for Daddy, hugs for your grandparents and aunts, high fives for your uncles, cousins and pals, and cuddles and kisses for Mommy.

Ben, you are so loved. And as you start your third year of life, we give all thanks to God for your growing body and mind and know that He loves you infinitely more than we can even hope to grasp. Happy birthday baby!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Year TWO in pictures

Please forgive me...I forgot to announce that it's BIRTHDAY WEEK around here, and now it's Thursday! My baby turns TWO on Saturday, and we're (mom and I) in full swing of festivity planning. More to come on that later, but for now I wanted to take a walk down 2009's Memory Lane and revisit Ben's journey from baby to boy! These may not all be his BEST pictures from the year or even signify the highlights, but I wanted to include some shots that may not have been posted before and show some of his favorite things to do (play outside, eat, watch movies, play outside) ...and choosing favorites is a daunting task for me anyway. Enjoy!













Thursday, January 14, 2010

couldn't have said it better...

I've followed this blog for a while now; her fourth born was diagnosed with a terminal illness in the womb, was born healthy, but then suffered life-threatening heart conditions during the first year of life. After a couple of very risky surgeries, he is 100% miraculously cured!

Her recent post just left me in a puddle in front of my computer, in a good way :), and I wanted to share it with all the mothers, and future mothers, and people who have mothers, that I could.

Because, having had similar moments in my comparatively shorter motherhood journey, I couldn't agree with her more.

I am going to miss this...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Six-month preggo update, and naming news

Greetings from my ever-growing belly!

All is quiet on the preggo front here, which just how I like it at 24 weeks. Baby girl is now as long as a corn cob, according to, and she's a busy bee right now developing her taste buds and the branches of her respiratory tree.

Tyler and I are ever-so grateful that all this work is taking place from her warm and cozy bellyhome. On Friday, I heard about a baby that was taken via c-section at 25 weeks, due to his mother's health. Thankfully he is thriving, but seeing his little, tiny body covered in tape and wires in the picture just made my heart ache for his parents, while at the same time marvel at the fact that while he is so little and tiny, he's alive and complete enough to stand a chance at life.

We are wonderfully made.

In other news, she has her name! She will be named Katherine, after her maternal grandmother and great-grandmother, and Elizabeth, after her paternal grandmother and great-grandmother. We are so happy to keep Katherine Elizabeth in the family and hope it's a special way to honor the influential women in her life, Grandma and Nana, and also her great-Nanas who will shower her with love in heaven one day., sweet, right, but what a mouthful! Fortunately, we're not keen on her developing carpal-tunnel in Kindergarten from learning how to write her name, and so we plan to call her
Katie Beth. Maybe not as easy as "Ben", but she can always go by Kate when we're short on time!

The last three months of pregnancy will be eventful ones for sure, but I try to make time every day to just stop and think about her, pray for her, feel her swim around, wonder what she'll look like, plan for her life (and her outfits) and just enjoy this special time we have together...heart burn, leg cramps, weight gain and all!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas wrap up, part two

We were fortunate to be able to visit Tyler's whole family for a whole week and do a whole lot of stuff...some of which we got on camera, when we had time to pick it up for a minute!

Ben had an absolute blast with his eight cousins.
Here, he and Sarah were playing some sort of kamikaze grocery-cart game, which naturally ended in tears.

One day, Nana, Tyler's sister, Amanda and her two oldest girls, and I hit the big city for a wonderful production of The Sound of Music, leaving the men folk in charge. Well of course that meant a day of fun on a frozen lake!
And not just any lake, mind you, but the one that sits in the backyard of Nana and Papa's new (to them) lakehouse!

Ben may have needed a little time to adjust to the wind, temperatures, and "minorly" restrictive outdoor gear, but he soon found it to be the winter paradise that his dad was telling him it would be!

They have all the space, equipment and toys necessary for a really good time...

even Ben's lovey enjoyed a wintery ride on the skido!

On a quieter day, Ben and Nana painted rocks.
What focus! Little Picasso.

And on the farthest thing from a quiet day, we took the whole gang to Chuck E. Cheese!
Well that's one way to do it...

Ben pocketing his loot!

Cheek to cheek with Auntie Amanda

Look at Tyler, just making sure Ben has fun. :)

But we also made room for some downtime

And we learned that Adam and Amanda's minivan safely holds six children,
and that Tyler looks good driving one!

Speaking of looking good, check out Ben in Papa's new Christmas hat!
Ear warmers AND a headlamp?! Who could ask for anything more?

I enjoyed catching up with the nieces and nephews,
and trying to catch up on their technologically advanced Christmas presents, like Kalyssa's Leapster here.

And Santa found Ben all the way up in Canada too!
Gift unwrapping is definitely a group effort.

And aren't Nana and Papa smart for telling Santa that Ben needed to get his first hockey net on his visit up north?
Uncle Adam was happy to help set it up. Yay for "hawhee!"

It was a great week with wonderful family,
who we don't see often or long enough. Love and miss you all!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas wrap up, part one

Happy New Year! Hope you got everything you wished for in 2009 and are expecting great things to come in the year ahead.
We had a great time playing hooky from school and work for the last couple of weeks in December to go visit our families, both near and far, for Christmas.

First up was my family in Nashville.
Aunt Jess came all the way from San Francisco for these hugs!

We decided Ben should take in the merriment of the season at Opryland Hotel. Personally, I thought that the decor didn't quite live up to my childhood memories, but that must just be part of the wonder of being a kid at Christmas...

and a train ride with Grandma doesn't hurt either!

Family shot at the "sissis tee"
(doesn't Tyler look handsome? And yes, I'm aware that I'm wearing the same shirt in basically all of my in-front-of-tree pictures this year. I really like that shirt.)

By the end, Ben had had it with all the sissis-tee pics, but still posed dutifully
and at the life-sized nativity too.(what? no smile for "Babee Jeez"? Sheesh.)

Ben kicked off Christmas Eve baking cookies with Grandma.
(He is an excellent assistant.)

Sampling a little of the finished product
The Harley Davidson water bottle in the corner reminds me that I don't have any pictures of Dad to post! He was there though, snack-eating and movie-watching with the rest of us!

And once Ben was nestled all snug in his bed,
Santa came!

He was pretty happy about it. :)
One of the many "Zoe - move!" moments that we happened to catch throughout the morning, and I had to include.
I mean, how about that tongue swinging in mid air?! Classic.

Ben was a very good present deliverer - unless you actually wanted them to be handed to the person whose name was on the package...

And he was a very good present opener too!
Meeting Elmo in person/muppet!

Trying out his brand-new tricyle...
before packing up and heading to Canada on Christmas afternoon. More to come on those adventures, eh!