Sunday, June 9, 2013

Preschool Graduate in the house!

Our big Ben graduated preschool on May 24, 2012.

And I survived.
Considering the cuteness I was dealing with, I'd say it's an accomplishment.

First up on Graduation Day, was the preschool's end-of-year program. Katie Beth and the rest of the two-year old class sang a few classics like Itsy-Bitsy Spider and Wheels on the Bus. 
Our nobody-tells-me-what-to-do girl, in the dress I bribed her to wear by painting her nails for the first time, wasn't too sure she wanted to perform on command to the crowd. But then she spotted us waving like maniacs, and squealed, "hi Mom!" and did great! (couldn't bring myself to crop that little guy out...second best part of the picture)

The preK classes performed the Three Little Pigs Opera, after months of practicing. It was adorable, and the songs will forever be stuck in my head!

Ben had two lines, which he remembered completely and spoke very clearly - bravo on his theatrical debut! 

Backstage with his buddy, Connor

I only cried a little when the graduation march began to play and all these tiny people in black caps meandered marched down the aisle and onto the platform. And a little more just thinking about it again now...

And then their sweet director read off their names, and Ben tried so hard not to giggle when he received his diploma. Not sure if he was super proud or embarrassed...there was lots of cheering and clapping going on! 

Here we are - all smiles, no tears!
I think I'll try to replicate this picture for his high school graduation like I've seen on Pinterest. ;) 
I'm sure 14-year old Will won't mind climbing onto my lap with a paci in his mouth, and I know 16-year old Katie Beth will have something crazy to wear on her head and be checking someone out off camera! I can hear it now, "Mo-om! You are so lame." Can't wait :)

Schoolmates for the last time until 2015!

Definitely gonna replicate this one for dental school grad. Or after performing arts school, Ben - whatever makes you happy, buddy! ;)

Ben and his sweet teacher, Ms. Michele. Ben learned so much in her classroom and constant spout off random fun facts, saying, "Ms. Michele telled me that"!

The proud graduate

Bye bye, preschool...Kindergarten here I come!

(sniff, sniff)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Will is 10 months!

Dear Will,

The biggest development of this month happened right on your 10-month birthday...your first tooth came through! It'd been working its way up for a while now, we've surmised by the massive amounts of drool, the time your hands have spent crammed in your mouth, a few verrrry restless nights, etc. Somehow during a crazy, 3+ hour long nap, it finally popped through! A little tricky to get a picture of since your tongue is usually sticking out (blowing raspberries is your #1 fun thing to do), but we've caught a few glimpses. 

just a few hours before The Tooth Debut! 
(notice the thumb chomp)

I'd say "bring on the finger food!"...but you've been gum-grinding or whole-swallowing that for a while now. 

Some of it even makes it to your mouth occasionally!

Eating puffs on the go...propping up your foot helps you relax.

As long as you have something you can pick up (bananas, cheese, turkey slices, strawberries, grapes, bread) I can still get some spoonfuls of cereal, yogurt or pureed food down, but you'd definitely prefer to do it yourself.

Just like you'd prefer to have full access to the stairs!

About halfway through 9 months, you went from timid kneeling to full-blown pulling up. You aren't moving once you're up, just waving and playing with whatever's in reach, but I'm sure before long you'll be cruising with the best of them!

Found you standing in your crib for the first time after a nap one day...must've been a little unsure about what to do once you got up there, because you're usually all smiles after a snooze.

Probably because it appears you are getting some pretty good zzz's...

Reorganizing the Tupperware - thanks, Will!

Your brother is your guardian, always watchful of where you're going and what you're putting in your mouth. Four and a half years is a big difference in age now, but Ben loves to play with you and make you smile...

...just remember this when he won't let you into his room in a couple years!
This happened. And it was fantastic.

Your true partner in crime is, and always will be I'm sure, your big sister.

The two of you will bust out in belly laughs just looking at each other. Even her "hugs" that turn into body slams only make you cry for a moment and then you're flapping your arms and wheezing with excitement the next. 

The Dynamic Duo

 Summer brings on new activities, like swimming. You really like to stand on the stairs and splash or be carried around the pool. The float, which is helpful when it's 3 on 1 in the pool, has to grow on you a little still. 
 No worries, dude. Real men swim in pink floats with princess toys.

Your summer also started with a couple of pretty awesome getaways!

One to visit Aunt Jess and Uncle Michael with just Mommy and Daddy:

If the city of San Francisco would like to use this image for their tourism brochures/website, etc., I understand...I'm sure we can work something out. ;)

West Coast Willy!

Commemorating the first time that you looked at Tyler, flapped your arms, and said "Da-da". So clear even I couldn't deny him your first word!

Sink baths are the best!

Geared up for our 8-mile mountain hike

Second fabulous trip was back to the Gulf, Sandestin to be exact!
And look who got to play in the sand this time!

and eat the sand, roll in the sand, and get sand all up in your britches

 pool time with Dad

 first time in the ocean - loved it!

beach baby getting a good nap
(could just suck those lips right off your sweet face)

Since we've been home from the beach (where you just did. not. sleep. at night), you've been sleeping from 8-ish at night until 6:30 or 7 a.m. A little early still, but've got a deal, Will. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for being my favorite third baby ever, we all love you tons!