Monday, September 26, 2011

At least it's something!

If you could see all the picture files on my computer from this summer, like the golden hills of Napa Valley, awesome clouds of a tropical storm rolling in on the beach, Ben flying down a zip line, and all the family that are part of those'd shake your head for posting these today. But it's just a little snapshot of the past few days that, while not super exciting, I thought was cute. 

Ben boycotted naps for a few days last week, and once again, I feared a mid-day break was behind us. So the other afternoon, I told him that if he wasn't going to sleep, he was going to have to help me clean. "Ohtay!" was his enthusiastic response. Dangit...that backfired. But clean, he did. 

And he loved it. We cleaned the windows, the kitchen cabinets, and then also the floor...primarily because it had gotten soapy from the cabinet cleaning fun. :)  

Good times, but fortunately, he seems to have come back around to his regular two-hour nap...which was nice on this rainy day today! 


Last night, I left Katie Beth (almost 17 months now) in the bathroom while she was "brushing her teeth" so I could go fill up her milk cup before bed. The tub was full of water, waiting for Ben, and I figured she'd splash at it, and that was fine. What I didn't figure is that when I came back in, she would've climbed in, fully dressed!

She's upset here because I was telling her it was time to get out....again.


Earlier that day, we ran in the Race for the Cure downtown with some of Tyler's office staff. It was really hot for late September, and I was coming off a girls' trip in the mountains, and Tyler off single-dad duty all weekend, so we were both a little worn out going in. However, the energy of the 9,000-person crowd and the cause that it supports was very motivating, and we had a blast!

And kudos to Tyler for (again) coming in first place in the double-stroller division (that I made up). There were a couple brutal hills, but he made good time!
Superhero mania continues around here. Tyler cut me off in mid-sentence at a consignment sale last week lurching for this green Hulk fist. "We have to have that!"

But I knew he'd also have to have a little, shall we say, "incentive" over the weekend wrangling the twosome on his own. Ben was super pumped to show me his Hulk fist, and has slept with it ever since. 

He's also worn this Captain America shirt for the past two days. I mean, it does match his underwear after all. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Thanks to the moms with frosting!

I read that's what grandmothers are: moms with lots of frosting. 

And if it weren't for her Grandma and Nana, this little one would've been naked today!

Thanks for the sweet shoes that fit just right, Nana. I fall in love with them again every time I look at them. And thanks for the adorable outfit, Grandma. Although cooler weather may be coming she's strutted around town in her strawberries often this summer, and I love it.

And, aunts might be sisters with sparkles or something...
thanks for the Violet puppy Amanda, she loves putting her to bed with her baby and in her chair after breakfast.

What was that?!
 You just got hit with Ben's Spiderman web.
Happens on a regular basis these days.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Finally! Blogger figured out a way to let me add more than one picture at a time! That's right, if you are surprised to finally see a new post on here, don't blame me, blame Blogger. Just kidding, sorry I've been away...if there is anyone still here to apologize to...a summer-extravaganza post to come.

On a day when you just want to hold your loved ones extra close, our little family explored the Chattanooga Nature Center together. Lots to see nestled right in Lookout Mountain!

Batman Ben here to serve and protect his little sister, Greta (seems like a fitting name in this dress).

Little treehouse nestled on stilts above the marsh 

 Little Miss preferred to go it alone during most of our walk, but permitted her daddy to give her a lift for a few minutes

 and her brother to hold her hand across the bridge.

 Mama and her chicks in a replica Bald Eagle nest. Did you know....that Bald Eagles mate for life and continually add sticks to their nests, which sometimes get to be 10 ft wide and 2 tons?! Now you do.

It was a lovely way to spend a beautiful Tennessee morning.

God bless America.

Home sweet home.

"The LORD is good, 
   a refuge in times of trouble.
He cares for those who trust in him."
Nahum 1:7