Friday, February 15, 2013

Will is Six Months Old!

Dear Will,

Say it ain't so!

Weighs: 17.8 
Clothes: 6 - 9 months

Six months is such a milestone to me. Half a year that you've been making our family smile. And half a year until you are one whole year old.
But weren't you just born?!

In reality, I realize that you're no longer a could I not with all the changes you've made and growing you've done? Especially in the past month when it seemed like every day you'd developed a new skill. 

You found your feet and love to grab and chew on them.
You've pretty much outgrown this beloved swing and have traded it in for the jumperoo!

 You amaze us all with the height you get on your jumps, not to mention your nice footwork with pointed toes!

Your first cold eventually turned into your first ear infection, and that led to a few pretty rough days and nights, but you somehow smiled through it.

Here we all are piled in my bed after one of those long nights!

You're getting really good at sitting up, with a small assist.

And we switched to the big-boy side of your infant bath tub, which allows for infinite more kicking/splashing opportunities. The floor and my clothes are usually as soaked as you are by the end of it.

One day when Daddy was giving Ben a haircut, I propped you up in front of him to get a small little trim of your back and sides...

Mullet and wings are gone, and you're as handsome as ever!
We've experimented with water in a sippy cup, 
but the thing you love the most, is eating!
You liked rice cereal right away, but have gone ballistic over homemade butternut squash. 

After several evening bedtime battles, I finally surrendered the swaddle and nap nanny. Now you're on your own in there, armed with a paci and lovey.
The smile of victory.

So yes, it's been a big month for you, my little nugget. And with all the excitement came some growing pains as you are no longer just my cutest accessory who can drift off to sleep anytime/anywhere while I entertain your siblings. You're becoming your own little person who needs some entertainment of your own. This was the first month where I've had to admit...three kids is hard! So we have the jumperoo, the exersaucer, the playmat, the buckets of toys...and we rotate.:) 

The house looks like a daycare center, but with all three of you and your things...I guess it kinda is!

Ugh. This face.

Will, you are such a joy. I can't even be modest when people compliment you, you are so cute, so happy, so content, so sweet.

I'm so glad you're mine. Happy 1/2 birthday baby boy!

PS - Chair picture outtake...just gonna eat this pillow, Mom.