Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Madness

Seems like this month just began and now it's over! We had all sorts of fun in May, and here is a photo-heavy blog post as proof...in case me being MIA on here wasn't proof enough!

Well this was neither in May, nor was it fun, but here's where we ate our dinner on April 27.
Actually Ben thought it was pretty funny, but for someone who doesn't like to have a drink in the bathroom, feeding my children in there wasn't ideal. But it was safer there than at the table during a tornado, so what can ya do?

The next week Ben started swim lessons!
Cameras weren't allowed in the pool area, so here he is in the locker room...probably weren't allowed in there either come to think of it. Not that I had the ability to take pictures anyway, as Katie Beth would not tolerate staying out of the pool herself, so I ended up playing with our little mermaid while Ben learned to push off the side, jump to his instructor, blow bubbles and perfect the doggie paddle. It's still a work in progress, but he definitely enjoyed the experience.

We joined friends at a fundraiser called the Bunny Hop and got one more use out of Katie Beth's Easter dress. :)
"Gentle hands, KB...watch the eyeballs."

The novelty of bunny holding had apparently lost its effect on Ben.

He was much more excited about his motorcycle tattoo.

And sitting in this cocoon thing we waited 10 minutes to ride in.

The next day we went somewhere where Ben forgot all about that little ride - Lake Winnepesaukah!
Swings with no-pumping required!

Taking on the caterpillar coaster with Daddy

Ladybug fun with his ladyfriend, Arianna.

Katie Beth trying to break through the barricade...par for the course.

She got to join in the fun at the park the next day, which happened to be Mother's Day.
A great day, by the way, of quality time of family fun! I love being Mommy to these two...even when I complain about tantrums, no sleep, or whatever the frustration of the moment is, I hope they never doubt for a second how much I love being their Mom. Or how much I love that guy they call Daddy either!

And suddenly, a cold snap, or what I've come to learn is called Blackberry Winter, made me happy to have not put our warm clothes away...yay for procrastinating!
It also made for lots of pleasant outdoor time, so we took advantage.
Whew, only through two weeks here...will be back soon (I hope) with the second half and super quick transition to summer!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Somebunny had a birthday party!

Since Katie Beth's birthday fell around Easter this year, her party theme didn't require a lot of brainstorming. Bunnies, egg hunt, pastels...the perfect season for a first-birthday girl!

Invite compliments of Amanda Parker

We had a last-minute location change to Heritage Park, due to a few logistics, and it turned out to be the perfect place for us. And although a strong breeze put the kibosh on a few decorations I had planned, the weather couldn't have been better. It was a gorgeous day for a party in the park!
Best we could get of Mommy, Daddy and the Birthday Girl - who was teething and has a hand in mouth in every picture.

Yummy strawberry cake with cream-cheese frosting by The Cake Boutique.

My parents came in for the festivities, and we put them to work! That being said, I think they are glad they came! :) The least we could do is get a picture of them with the girl of the hour.
And I've already discussed Amanda's family's visit. But I haven't mentioned yet that Adam made egg salad from 2.5 dozen eggs and Amanda stayed up with me until midnight stuffing eggs and worked with my Mom to get most of the food, and all of the kids to the party on time. So wonderful to be able to celebrate a birthday with our family!
And it really does take a village...to throw a party!

Singing Happy Birthday
Blowing out the candle...
Make a wish KB!

"I wish this wasn't carrot cake."

"Oh well, this frosting is where it's at!"

A good time was had by all...
Ben and Cassia waiting on some grub

Tanya was super smart and brought their awesome bubble-sticks - what a hit!

Cassia and I setting up the spread

Here comes Katie Beth!

Hunting some eggs with Daddy

The best family shot we could get?! I tried to squat down to bring Ben into the shot...which is never something a short person wearing a knee-length dress should do. Ben, as you can see by the shoulder brush off, wanted no part of a picture. Katie Beth was a millisecond from squirming out of Tyler's arms. But if nothing else, it's a true snapshot of our current life. And I love it.

Such a fun day to get our friends and family together to celebrate our sweet baby's first year of life. I'm so thankful for everyone that took the time to be there, and those that were there in spirit too. Katie Beth simply had a mahvelous time!

She also score some major loot!
Getting a helping hand from big bro: a gift-opening pro.

Loving her chair from Grandma and Grandpa!
...and also Ben's hockey stick.

Ah, one party down, 17 to go! What? Well of course she'll want me to plan her 18th birthday...I mean, I may already have a theme, and napkins, and matching tshirts...

Monday, May 16, 2011

On her first birthday...

We were thankful to be safe, with a roof over our heads, and electricity in our home - a day after so many around us were not as fortunate. The kids and I hung out at home most of the day and finally ventured out after naps for playtime at the park.

It was a surprisingly beautiful day!
Tyler left the office behind early so we could spend the evening together,
and the birthday girl certainly approved!

After a birthday run (during which I kept thinking how far I had come since a year ago that day), we had a birthday dinner at Mellow Mushroom, complete with leftover birthday-party cupcakes.

It was a happy day for our special girl. But before you think we didn't really do much to celebrate, stay tuned - her party post is next!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

One year old!

Dear Katie Beth,

My one-year old.

On one hand it doesn't seem possible that it's been 12 months since your first wrestling match to come into the world, but on the other hand when I think about all the changes, long nights, and constant activity of this year, I definitely believe it!

H: 28 in (5%)
W: 18 lbs, 9 oz (5%)

You are a petite one, but since it's ok with your doctor, it's ok with me! You're certainly getting enough to eat...I can't find anything you don't like. Except for eggs - instant gag! And you're not a huge fan of Cheerios, which just seems wrong for a baby. For the most part though, you seem to be a bottomless pit. Which is probably because you need to keep your fuel tank full since you go full tilt from morning to night!

We haven't heard any real (on purpose) words just yet. "Dah!" is still your word for most things, along with a finger point. I'll say "Katie Beth, say 'fish.' And you will reply with an emphatic "dah!". I think you've tried to say "Zoe", but that's a tricky one. I'll hear you chanting "mamamama", and I'll say "Katie Beth, did you say 'mama'? And you'll look me straight in the face and say "Dada."

But whatever you're saying, you, my dear, are as cute as cute can be.
People still comment on how big your eyes are and while the debate between your daddy and I rages on whether they are blue or green, but we both agree they are two of your best features.

You smile with your whole face, and body too, as you always flap, bounce and squeal when you're happy. And the landscape of your grin has changed with the top of a tooth that broke its way through your gums on your birthday. (still not enough to photograph though!)

These tentative first steps you took at 11 months have evolved into full-flegde walking, and now attempts at, gulp, running! You simply cannot get where you want to be fast enough....places like the stairs to the laundry room, Zoe's bed, inside the refrigerator, on top of the dishwasher, etc.
You are definitely a little water bug. Baths are always easy and fun, and if there is a pool, pond or puddle in sight you are squirming your way there to splash and stick your face in it as quickly as possible!

You also love music and will clap and bounce whenever you hear any sort of cadence from real songs, to commercial, even me singing.
Your current favorite tune is "If you're happy and you know it", but you also enjoy "Twinkle, twinkle" and know that it's bedtime when I hold you next to your crib and sing the lullaby that I learned from Aunt Amanda...and all the verses that I had to add on!

You are generally very friendly with both familiar and new faces and don't get too upset yet if I need to leave you with someone, but I have to say, Miss Katie Beth, you are quite the flirt. My boy-crazy girl, you will choose a guy over a girl every time. It's pretty cute...for now.

Mommy loves you, Katherine Elizabeth (that's you!). Born during a flood, turned one during a tornado, you are our little force of nature. We love your spirit, your spunk, your smile and your silliness and can't wait to see what this next year holds.

So thankful in knowing that "every good and perfect gift is from above,"