Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rockin' around the Christmas tree

Hi everyone! It's me, Katie Beth.

Grandma and Aunt Jess were disturbed by the pictures of me losing it with Santa Claus...if that's really who he even is, I have my doubts...Anywoo, just wanted to make sure everyone knows that I'm a happy girl who is very busy learning new things like, ahem, crawling!

Mommy's trying to catch that on camera, but I'm keeping her in the dark about when I'm actually going to do it, or just faceplant. Heheheh. So, as you see above (notice my cute shoes? thanks Grandma!), I'm still spending lots of time in the jumperoo, but now it's also for my safety. I do like to rock 'n roll!

Which brings me to my's a slideshow of me and Ben rocking around the Christmas tree this month. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Here comes Santa Claus!

Well it took three years (see the first attempt here), but Ben finally sat in Santa's lap!

The first time was at the mall in Nashville with my mom and sister. He was pumped up to tell the big guy that he wants, a "somethingsomething-guitar", but got a little nervous as we approached. I had to hand over an oblivious KB to Santa and then set Ben on his bench. But after that, it was smooth sailing and he got his wish list delivered. And we got a mommy-free picture with Santa! I figured Katie Beth was too young to get freaked out, and I was first. Fortunately we got our picture before she hit the fan.

We weren't so lucky the second time!
Some new friends hosted a sweet Christmas party for a host of little kids - complete with cider, loads of goodies and even Mr. Claus! Katie Beth was having none of that. The seasoned kid-hates-Santa mom that I am said, "she's fine, just take it anyway!".

She was much happier with the guy she knows best, her daddy. Although she kept Santa within view at all times, lest her tried to sneak up on her again.
"Yep, I'm just sitting with my dad, chewing on this little plastic pup. Totally calm and collected. Nothing to see here, Fat Man, so just keep it moving..."

Ben, on the other hand, was mesmerized that Santa showed up at Ari's house. He just went into trance mode for a while and finally had his turn on Santa's lap to give him his ammended Christmas list, which now includes "Batman."
"Why I do believe that's a real beard!"

Thinking hard about the visions of guitars and batmans dancing in his head.

The Nice List

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas festiveness

The Prentice halls are all decked (well, there's a tree and stockings hung by the chimney with care...and some nutcrackers)! This was the first year that Ben was old enough, and awake, to help. And he had sososo much fun.

If it looks like we have a lot of ornaments, we really don't. It's just that Ben wanted to hang them all...and in all the same spot.

Ah, what classic Christmas picture would be complete without an armload of Silly Bandz?
Showing off his special ornament that he picked out. I thought it might be a fun tradition to's a Cars theme with Mater and Lightning. It came in one piece and is now in three. That's why you shouldn't buy a two-year-old ornaments that look like toys...or cost $18. His "tradition" ornament next year might be a nerf ball.

More tree decorating - my mom got him this shirt from Gymboree, and it's the cutest.

Well, I take that back...she's the cutest (baby girl).
KB missed out on the tree trimming but has enjoyed glancing at the lights a time or two...and if only she could get that tree within grabbing reach!

Tyler and my usual tradition is to put the tree up while we watch Elf. That worked a lot better when the tree was in the same room as the TV, and we weren't supervising Ben and ornament hooks. So this year we took in an early-morning showing of Elf in our pj's with a big breakfast.
After the kids were nestled all snug in their beds, Tyler and I hit the town for a few hours - many thanks to Tracey and Matt for spending their Saturday night on our couch!
And if you think that Tyler looks handsome here, just wait...
Mmm-hmm, all mine. Let me just say that he wore that as if it was a regular shirt - he knows no shame and didn't care who saw him on our way to the Tacky Christmas Sweater party. And of course, behind every man in his snowman sweater,
is his wife in her matching vest.

Only a little more than a week to go - here's to squeezing in as much merriment as you can take!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Seven (and a half) months!

Dear Katie Beth,
It's been a busy few noted by the delinquency of this letter!
And not just for the calendar either - you have been a'growing and a'changing by the day.

First there was the unassisted sitting.
You just keep getting better and better and now you are sitting up like a champ, and barely need the boppy as backup behind you anymore. It is so neat how your world instantly grew once you gained a little stability...and a whole lotta toys!

"what do I do with all this stuff?!"

Then there was the haircut.
Those wings had to go.

And that mullet!
You did very well for the less than 3-minute ordeal and I wish I'd done it sooner!

We spent a whole week in Nashville for Thanksgiving visiting Grandma and Grandpa,
and smothering these two with your cuteness.
The Little Sisters' Club

And now we're getting excited for your first Christmas!
no...really excited.
we're pretty pumped!

In other news, we've been taking this solid-foods thing seriously, and you're doing great! Sweet potatoes, potatoes, butternut and acorn squash, avocado, apple, banana, green beans, peas...although I do have to tread lightly with those last two as they seem to trigger a gag reflex pretty easily!
This self-feeder thing has bought me some time while I get your food ready. It's a bear to clean and makes a mess everywhere, but you really suck down some banana from it!

You're trying to set new records in the jumperoo,
and are having so much fun experimenting with all of Ben's new toys. I mean, who even needs Christmas with all these hand-me-downs?!

Oh yeah, we do. Can't wait!
You are starting to jabber a lot - dadadada, babababa, papapa, etc. and you have the most sweetest talking voice in the world, so soft and dainty. Your screaming voice, however, is neither of those, and you definitely know how to use it if I walk away before you're done with my presence.

I mean, break my heart why don't you?
(Camera down, Katie Beth up, pronto.)

Hmm, I thought you were only supposed to have Daddy wrapped around your finger?! And that you do by the way; I wish you could hear how he swoons over you. He loves his little girl, no doubt.

And from sitting to rocking - look at you now! You just started this little game where you sometimes get stuck trying to reach the object of your affection.
On all fours already? Sister, I am not ready for a crawler!

We had an appointment with a GI doctor this week, just to make sure there is nothing more serious going on with your tummy other than reflux. Turns out we're doing everything just right and the magic medicine is...more time. So, armed with burp cloths, bibs and the swiffer mop, we'll continue to fight this spit-up battle for a few more months. As long as you are sleeping and eating ok, I consider us victorious! (So, when the doctor commented you had the biggest thighs of the day, I took it as a compliment for you.)

Some stats: you currently weigh 15 pounds, 15 ounces and are 27 inches long (if I remember correctly...and that's big "if"). You're wearing size 2-3 diapers, 6 month or 6-9 clothes. You sleep from about 7:30 or 8 until 6 or 7 in the morning, needing your paci readjusted at least once most nights. And you are a good napper - usually still a morning, noon and late afternooner...although that midday one is usually in the carseat with the ambient noise of Walmart or the aquarium to lull you to sleep.

Katie Beth, I am so excited about your new developments and all that is to come...and while I certainly don't want you to grow up too fast, I am so humbly thankful that you are growing and thriving and just continuing to light up the room and our hearts with that sweet smile every day.

I love you,

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful for...


and him...

and Southwest Airlines for bringing them to meet us in Nashville to celebrate with her...

and him...

Just wouldn't feel like Thanksgiving without my family...those precious baby faces included!

Also thankful for Tyler, who's putting in one last day of work, while we all relax and eat, before heading up. We've got some pumpkin spice bars waiting for you honey!

we hope they're ready when you get here...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just a quick hello

Well I don't have a lot to post about, but since our skype dates with the cousins haven't worked out this week, here's a shot of Katie Beth admiring Ben in the fire captain outfit Aunt Amanda sent!
Just try to tell Ben that his hat's on backwards...I think that since ball cap bills face the front, he thinks they all should. Regardless, he is having lots of fun with his costume, and the other treats as they are discovered. (We did hide the costume Kalyssa, but at 2, Ben's patience for finding it wasn't the best)

Let's see...we took advantage of the warm weather last week to head to the zoo. It was KB's first trip to actually be awake and have more of a view than the inside of the stroller.
I think she likes it!

Ben and Austin manhandling the goats,
and asking me to take their picture!
When he is not spitting mulch and jumping on heads (going through a bit of an "acting out" phase), Ben's having a fun time at his preschool. Today he told me all about who is his mommy, daddy, brother, sister, grandma and grandpa at school and then handed me a pretend cup of coffee.
Saying "how" in his indian hat from school

Had some more to say, but my bed is calling instead...looking so forward to seeing my sister very soon!