Friday, September 7, 2012

Will is one-month old!

One month!

Dear William Evan,

You are scrumptious. 

From that full head of hair, to those munchable lips, squeezable rolls and kissable toes, we are so in love.

A month has passed since we first met, and I never expected it to have been as peaceful, sweet and as happy of a time as it has been. Granted that is about 90 percent due to the enormous amount of help we enjoyed from aunts and uncles and grandparents entertaining your siblings and taking care of us to friends bringing meals and gifts and other things to ease the transition. We have been literally showered with love and joy, and this past month has given so many memories with you and our family that I will cherish forever. 

But that other 10 percent is just because you've been a sweetheart of a newborn. Feeding every 2 1/2 or 3 hours like a pro, sleeping well during the day and learning to snooze for long stretches at night, and just snuggling and cuddling in any open arms that scoop you up. 

It's usually mine:).

You were 9 pounds, 13.5 ounces at your 2-wk checkup, so you never got to wear some of the cute newborn clothes in your drawers and switched to size 1 diapers at about three weeks. 

You've had your first few baths,

and, as pictured, didn't appreciate the first couple, but now you are as quiet as can be and just look all around. 

You've gone on multiple car rides. 

Here you were a little unsure as we left the hospital. We took the inner headrest out later that week, because that big ol melon of yours just didn't fit! And still you don't seem quite comfortable in there, as your first roadtrip resulted in a l.o.t. of crying. Maybe that's because you couldn't see the movie playing in the swagger wagon? Whatever the case, mommy booked a flight that same night for our next planned trip!

You've had your first bottle. 

Turns out you don't care where it's coming from or who's giving it, you just wanna eat. Atta boy!

Most of all, you've been so adored. 

meeting all your cousins over Skype, just hours after you were born, 

hanging with all of your grandparents, 

and aunts and uncles too!

And oh how much do these two love you!

Baby Will, we love you more than words can say. 

And we're so glad you joined the party.