Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Look who's two!

Dear Katie Beth,

Our sassy but sweet, brave but shy, smart but silly, fun but frustrating, precocious but adorable, two-year-old girl: 

Happy birthday to you!

What a big year you've had, blossoming from a baby to a "big" girl! Some of the things that make you you right now: 

Weight: 25 lbs (25%)
Height: 34 in (25%)
Diaper: size 4
Shoe: 4 - 5.5
Clothes: 18-24 months

Favorite songs:
ABC's...which you are amazing at, except for that elusive "L" 
"Open and Shut" (Wheels on the Bus)
"Itsy Pider"
"Happy Burrday"...to be sung anytime a cake or candle is present
"Fishy, Fishy"

Favorite books:
These are in the nightly rotation and you read aloud with me, imitating my inflections
Lullabye, Little One
Very Hungry Catepillar
Dimity Duck

Favorite things:
Lovey from Aunt Amanda that has to be stolen to be washed
Pacifier...trying to use as a bedtime-only prop
Baby dolls...you rock them, kiss them, put them to bed, change their diaper, sing Jesus Loves Me to them as you walk them around the house, read to them. Your maternal instinct amazes me!
Elmo doll...still no attention span for the show or any show for that matter, but Elmo is hands down your favorite "baby"
Playing with Ben/doing whatever he's doing
animals...dogs, cats, monkeys, elephants, birds and bunnies specifically
Real babies...obsessed. As hard as we try, we can't deter you from even stranger's infants and your need to touch them. We just apologize and guide your sticky fingers from their faces to their feet. 
Bouncy houses

Favorite food:
pizza (you can out eat the adults)
hot dogs
smoothies (what we call fruit pouches)

PB/honey sandwiches (but no crust!)
orange juice...but you settle for milk/water most of the time
macaroni and cheese 

Favorite things to say:
There's not much you can't say, as you parrot everything we say and also just talk up a storm in general, with very clear annunciation. But a few of your catch phrases:
"I don't yant it!"
"Where? Where? Where?"
"You hear dat?"
"I touch it?"
"I just yook."
"Big hug!"

Not favorite list:
The doctor's office - a paralyzing fear of anyone in scrubs...even the vet. "I ready to go, Mom!" you sobbed throughout your two-year old checkup.
Vegetables of any variety
Not getting your way. Immediately.

Milestones I can think of:
Started climbing out of crib at 22 months, converted crib to toddler bed, and you're doing great!
Understand "time out" and will put yourself there when you need to calm down, until "I done, Mommy. Sorry I hit/bit/pushed/etc."
Like to sit on potty...peed once on January 23 - nothing since!
Sit at table in booster seat, eating on plate with fork and spoon
Counting to "fourteen, fourteen, fourteen, fourteen, tenty!"

Like I said before, you are a bundle of energy and emotion - our tiny tornado! We love the little feminine touches you've brought into our family, from the bows and the pink to the sweet whispers and soft cuddles...skinned knees and bruised foreheads too! We are so thankful for each day and can't wait to see what life as a big sister will be like too!

I love you,

On your birthday this year, we:

woke up and cuddled with Ben on the couch

ate some special birthday cereal

read books with Grandpa and played with Grandma

had an Elmo birthday party at Coolidge Park

Loved our cake by Cakes with Character

took a nice long nap, then opened presents

and capped the evening off with our first Lookouts game!

We hope you had as much fun as we did celebrating...a good night's sleep tells me you did. :)