Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Canadian family Eggs-travaganza!

We were lucky to have not one, but two, visits from Tyler's family in a period of two weeks this month. In case I haven't already told you, Tyler's family lives in that's kind of a big deal. :)

First up, were Nana and Papa. They dove with sharks, 

painted Easter eggs,

ate special treats,

(on a break during our electric bike ride, of course...)

and celebrated my birthday!

Actually, Tyler and I celebrated it a little more than anyone else! His parents were kind enough to stay with the kiddos while he and I took off for a birthday weekend in Birmingham, just the two of us. We stayed at our favorite hotel, ate a wonderful meal, laid out at the pool, caught a matinee, visited with good friends and went to our old church. Thaaaannnk you - happy birthday to me indeed!

We hugged Nana and Papa goodbye on Sunday night and hugged Tyler's sister, Amanda's, family hello on Friday morning! 

After their 15-hour all-nighter trek to our house, we turned them right out the door for a neighborhood egg hunt. :) 

Tyler even made a long weekend of it!

Sassy sunglasses crew in the Art District

Cadence sharing snacks with Ben

Cousins make the best babysitters - Katie Beth was spoiled rotten all weekend long!

Every so often, Auntie got to steal a squeeze too. 

Playing indians one morning,

followed by a pre-breakfast puppet show,

then a little drag racing down the hall,

a quick tickle fest, 

and a couple of stories with Caleb and Kalyssa.

We had to pry the cousins away from each other for a couple of hours on Saturday. The bounce house and egg hunt at our friends' Easter party eased the pain. ;)

....not to mention the cake pops that other silly grown-ups besides her parents kept passing this little monkey.

Katie Beth is still obsessed with babies. Here she is with my sweet friend Catherine's newest addition, Paige. "Baby! I touch it?" Katie Beth repeats over and over. "Seeping, shhhhh."

Later that day, we traded in our smocking and seer sucker for swimsuits and sunscreen and reunited with the family at the top of Chilhowee for a salamander search!

Easter morning, we corralled the crew and joined the masses for Easter at Coolidge, put on by a local church. 100,000 eggs to hunt, free cofffee and donuts and an outdoor Easter service - great way to spend the morning!

KB's funny/pout face - regular occurrence and she always ends up laughing. 

At each of the three egg hunts we attended this year, Katie Beth would pick up the first egg she saw and just admire it while the other hunters cleaned up. Not this time! She was an egg-hunting machine, and I had to eventually pull her away to give some other toddlers a chance. 

Another I-know-I'm-misbehaving-but-you-know-I'm-adorable face. 

"Where'd it go?" Asking about an airplane that flew by

Cousins on a sugar high!

Once again, we swapped our Easter best for some fun in the sun up at the Hiwassee. 

Fisherman Caleb sharing fishing tactics with Ben.

The Easter Bunny was delayed in arriving at our house this year - but the kids didn't mind Monday morning baskets...and the cousins got their first taste of Peeps!

Before they had to pack up and head out laaaaaate that night, we took in a little more of the wonderful weather we'd been having by spending the morning at Heritage Park.

Ben "The Incredible Kid" showing off his moves and muscles.

Both visits were wonderful, action-packed adventures that always go by too fast.  Thanks again for making the voyage to see us....looking forward to more fun this summer!