Monday, August 30, 2010

Ben's a big boy now!

Extra! Extra! Ben is potty trained! Ish...

After feeling no urgency to delve into the world of potty talk, potty trips, and of course, potty accidents for months now, I decided to give it a go for the following reasons: 1. he starts preschool tomorrow, so for consistency's sake in training, we were able to stay close to home for the past two weeks, 2. several of his same-age friends' moms were giving me good reports of success, and 3. compared to Katie Beth's little diapers, his make me want to faint...or worse.

So, off we went on the PT adventure. And as most of Ben's big-boy transitions have been, this has been easier so far than I expected (knock on wood). I ordered a bunch of supplies and motivational dvds/books, but by the time they arrived, he was doing so great that they are all sitting in their boxes waiting for their return trip to the Post Office.

He was just very excited about his own little potty, and for the first day or two, the only reward he needed was a sticker for his progress chart. In fact I was a little concerned that he was going to injure himself as hard as he was trying to use the potty - all for one little sticker! Once he had completed his chart, we moved on to M&Ms and now gummy bears, which I let him pick out for himself at the store.

As you'll see from his expressions, potty training is serious business for Benjamin TP. (ha! TP...get it?)

First pit stop of the morning

Ben's pretty fond of his "yittuhl bitty" potty. It sings to him after each successful trip!

All children must wash their hands before returning to play.
(I'm not usually one to drink my coffee in the bathroom, but we spend a great deal of time in that room these days!)

finding the perfect spot for his sticker

Double-fisting his drinks and loading up on magical fruit so that he can use the potty soon!

We parked the potty outside and spent a lot of time in the backyard, enjoying nature, au natural.
(cannot figure out a not-gross way to describe what he's doing here, but the picture cracks me up)

After completing his sticker chart, he got a certificate, lollipop, and big-boy underwear!

checking out Buzz and Woody on his less-padded rear view

bottom's up!

enjoying a very special treat after a very special potty trip

After a few days camped out at home, we started making a few field trips. Nine out of 10 times, these have been successes. But sometimes, there is just too much fun stuff to do to think about the potty. We've lost a couple good pairs of undies this way.

Nothing like the Great Outdoors to get the pipes working!

Now the question is, what to do with all those unused diapers? We haven't tackled sleep training yet, so I think those will see us through that. And Ben has already found a use for the diaper box!

It's not perfect, and now there are new issues to contend with, but it's more evident that our baby is not so much a baby now that the last bit of evidence (wearing diapers) is circling the drain!

Summer shenanigans

We're currently enjoying a visit with Tyler's parents. So while I get my blogging act together, check out Ben and Austin's recent hijinx on Kirsten's blog!

Monday, August 23, 2010

This and That

I have a post in the works about something exciting (to us), but it's in progress at the moment, and I can't find my camera.... So until then, here's a few quick excerpts from the last few weeks!

We all passed around a fun summer cold. Katie Beth was a bit congested for a few days, and started napping in her swing...until it broke.
She's feeling better though, and it was nothing a little duck tape couldn't fix (for the swing, not the baby)!

Ben and I enjoyed a carpet picnic on a rug my aunt sent KB.
He made me move because I sat on the bear.

Ben's become a good stay-at-home dad to his "duff" (stuff) - from putting his cars to bed,
to burping Buzz Lightyear.

He finally got a real haircut.
In a Jeep!

And after my relaxing week at Camp Crandall, my parents reunited us with Tyler at the aquarium!
Which reminds me I have a huge amount of aquarium/zoo pictures to upload from our outings this summer too...and naptime is almost over. Gotta go!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

"The good news is, he still has his teeth."

Not the way you like to start a conversation, is it?

I did my best to be prepared this morning because I knew there were a lot of things that could go wrong when taking the kids to get their pictures made. For instance:
  1. Katie Beth would have a blow out. Had a new diaper ready to go!
  2. Katie Beth would spit up on her outfit. Held a bib under her chin until the shutter snapped, and an extra change of clothes on standby!
  3. Ben would not want to pose for pictures. The promise of playing at B&N's train table goes a long way!
  4. The appointment would be right when Katie Beth was scheduled to eat. Topped her off right before we left!
But as on-top-of-things and pulled-together as I thought I was, nothing prepares a mom for the thud and "wahhhhh!" I heard from Ben as I was picking out my favorite poses. Turns out his game of peek-a-boo in the studio ended with a faceplant to the base of a couch, thanks to his on-the-wrong-feet-yet-again crocs catching on the carpet. Poor Ben was a bloody mess when I got to him and tried to determine the source of the pain.

"Check his teeth!" Tyler's voice rang in my head, and I was so thankful to see them all there. Bruised, but intact. His lip was a different story as it showed definite bite marks that make my stomach drop to think about. So, after the studio's first-aid kit and cold paper towels offered no relief, a quick trip to the ice cream shop next store seemed to do the trick. After all, there's nothing a little chocolate and sprinkles can't fix!

Showing off his battle wounds

I guess the upside is that this happened after pictures...although it would've save some $$ had it happened before! After the promised trip to the train table, our little tough guy slept it off and enjoyed an afternoon showing of Peter Pan with a cold juice box. And if you ask him, he will proudly tell you all about his adventure!
And that's enough adventure for me today...good night.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hello from Camp Crandall!

With no plans or mothers day out and my mommy friends out of town this week, I decided to break up the routine and extend our weekend at my parents' house by an extra five days! My sister commented that it's kind of like going to summer camp, and I have to agree.

Ben seems to be getting along ok here...

And Katie Beth isn't hurting too bad either with a few extra hugs and kisses each day!
But who could resist this face anyway?!
The food at Camp Crandall has been terrific!
And so was getting to play with friends we don't see very often!

There have been ducks to feed,
new parks and playgrounds to explore,
and Curious George even made an appearance!
So yeah, don't worry about us. We're homesick for Daddy, but...
...we're doing just fine!

PS - We do miss Tyler though and hope that he is remembering to eat and not sleeping at the office. Tyler, remember to eat and sleep!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Biiiig Boat!"

This past Friday evening, we picked up a pizza and had a picnic overlooking the lake. It was really nice in the shade, and we had fun watching the boats come in and out of the marina.

"Dats a biiig boat!" Ben would yell about each one, and we agreed and told him that one day we'd take him on a boat. (Of course, he didn't understand why we couldn't just hop on one of the ones right there!)

Little did we know "one day" turned out to be Sunday, when we got an invite to go out on the lake with some new friends!

enjoying the breeze in his hair, but keeping Daddy close by

Now, the risks associated to spending an afternoon on a ski boat with an infant and a toddler...who was skipping his nap, and is hesitant about water...was not something I was naive about, but since it was probably our only opportunity of the summer, we decided to just go for it. And while there were a few moments of regret - like nursing in the 100-degree, stagnant air, or when both were screaming at once - overall we had a great time!

And on the five-minute cruise back to the dock, both kiddos looked a little like this!