Monday, June 6, 2011

Summertime reflections

It's here, folks. And in the South, it's here in a 97-degree kind of way!

The days are longer, which you'd think means we have more time...but between traveling/swim lessons/playgym, etc. this month will be gone in a flash, just like all the others. So I wanted to stop at the beginning of the season and record a few things that the kids are doing now that I don't want to get lost in the shuffle.

This kid.

Ugh. Still has the most squeezeable cheeks in town, but growing SO fast, it makes my chest ache.

Lately he:
likes to "open" the garage door by holding his hand out in front of it and yelling "Open Sesame!". Except he always reverses the phrase - same when closing it..."Sesame Dozed!".

gets white and yellow confused, but has the rest of the colors and most shapes down. Pretty good at counting and is now learning to recognize numbers and the other letters besides B-E-N.

can dress himself and puts his bowl/plate in the sink after meals.

will ask if he can sleep in just is underwear at nap, and when I say yes (which is everytime, because I just cares that he sleeps, not what he's wearing), he exclaims, "Oh dank you Mommy! Dank you soo much!"

loves orange juice.

It makes him crazy.

asked the other night in the tub if KB has a "boy part" yet. I said no. Of course then he asked what she had. I told him she had a "girl part". "Does it live under her bottom?" Yes. "Why?" That's the way God made girls. "Jesus is a boy...and you are a" The conversation headed into even more uncomfortable territory from there.

will tell Katie Beth to be a "tough guy" when she cries, but very rarely follows his own advice when he takes a fall. Which is often, bless him. Might have something to do with his love for bandaids and desire for them to cover every old scrape, bruise, even birthmark. "No blood, no bandaid" is my motto, so that's the only consolation of a big tumble.

will knowingly disobey (yep, that sweetheart in the pictures) until we threaten a spanking. Then you've never seen a kid get on the straight and narrow faster. Sidenote: Not wanting to be those parents chasing our kids with spanking threats all day, we are currently taking suggestions for a better way to handle that!

is not a big singer anymore, but he's currently rocking out to his VBS cd in the car, and will sternly tell me to not sing with him during his "Desus songs".

thinks anything that happened in the past was "yesterday" or "last weekend". So if you get the scoop from him, you will always think we've just come off a very eventful few days.

sleeps from 8 til 6:30 or 7 a.m., with a 2.5 hour nap in the afternoon.

loves tv (except Handy Manny) and watching movies. Even to the point that he will tell us he wants to watch the news just so we can sit together and watch tv. He and I might've gotten into this season's Dancing with the Stars, much to Daddy's concern. During one episode he said, "but Mommy, where are the stars?" My astronomy buddy is always on the hunt for the moon at night, and also Venus. But of course he pronounces that with a "p"...which can lead to some funny dialog.

his dialog is a constantly running one. That boy/parrot/sponge doesn't miss a thing, and will tell you anything you want to know even if you can't understand all of it.

tells us he loves us all the time. and that never gets old.

And then there is this one.
Cute as a button. Crazy as the hills.
She's hot and sweaty here, but having a blast!

Lately she:

has found her belly button, and will fall on her head trying to get a good look at it.

said "doggy" over Memorial Day weekend to a friend's pooch. I think she tries to copy a lot of what we say, and I've heard a few "ah-da, ah-ma" (dada, mama?) when she's looking at us. Pretty sure she calls Ben "bubba", but all of these are just speculation at this point...there is a whole lot of babbling going on though.

knows some signs, but is choosing to use them sparingly. Prefers pointing and grunting.

is still part mermaid, and if it's wet, she wants in.

lives dangerously.
Her other part might be mountain goat.

sleeps from 7ish p.m. to 6:30 - 7 in the morning, with a morning and afternoon nap of an hour or more each. Life is good again.

If she does wake earlier, she will let me bring her into bed with me in the mornings and just lay there, wide-eyed, while I adjust to waking up.

has had her first face-on-the-floor temper tantrum.

cannot be consoled easily.

makes me want to give her the world when she smiles.

loves to be read to (finally!). Will pick up a book and truck it to us, heavy breathing the whole way, then stand with it over her head or on our laps and grunt "uh, uh, uh" to be picked up and read to.

will also stand at her highchair, same grunts, when she sees Ben eating. Girl can still throw down some grub too. The speed that she eats makes me think that half of it is in her chair or on the floor, but it never is! She loves fruit, beans, tomatoes, meat, bread...anything I try, except hot dogs. And she still doesn't want me to spoon feed her, but she will happily take the spoon and try to feed herself yogurt, oatmeal...all of which require an immediate post-meal bath!

Didn't make it to the bath after this one...straight to bed my little cheese face. After I pry this bean out of your hand.

They both love each other. If I'm not watching, she will wind up pounding on his door while he naps. And gives such a squeal every time she sees him. They also both think they are the same size, which can lead to some rough wrestling matches to break up. But if he's not the one putting her in a headlock, Ben is fast to react to her cries. "Don't worry, don't worry. Bigd brudder's here baby durhl."
So many times I think, I've got to get that on the blog before I forget...and so many times I don't make it (but I might just add them on to this post for a while). Seems like we're constantly on the go and there are so many little things to keep up with. But I know this stage of life is so fleeting, and soon we'll be at spelling bees and soccer practice and remembering how simple life was then.
which is now.

Which I am so thankful for!

Teach us to number our days,
that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
Psalm 90:12

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May Madness...second half

With Tyler busy preparing for boards this month, (what? you thought he was finished with such things? me too!), the kids and I drove up to Camp Crandall for a long weekend of swimming in the pool. But oh yeah, that was at the start of the cold snap, so we only got to do it the first day we arrived. So without a pool to swim out the crazies, they got to run them out inside instead!
Not as if that could ever get old, but we later went to Barnes and Noble to check out the latest in board books and Super Hero adventures.
And later, Ben was thrilled to take a ride on Grandpa's "tractor".
And Grandma was just thrilled to have her grandbabies home.

(love this picture of you, Mom)

workin' it on the runway

looking so pretty after church

I even got a girls' night out,
to celebrate my longtime friend Dahlia's impending stork visit!

Mom and Dad tag-teamed the kids,
and Ben showed them his "moves" in his new pj's.
look at those muscles!

The rest of the month consisted of a lot of playtime outside,
and inside where Katie Beth is safer from the steps, stones and choking hazards of the back deck.
brushing her hair!

And all that play definitely means nightly baths, in tandem, if I can convince Ben to share the tub.

In other water adventures, we went to a nearby splash park one Sunday, and the kids had a blast!
This little waterbug loved every second and showed no fear of any jets or fountains. And she only cried for a minute after smacking her face on the concrete, which resulted in this....
kinda hard to see the bumps and scrapes under the macaroni and peas, but she looked like quite the bruiser for a few days!

And sadly, our aquarium membership expired this month, so we squeezed in as many trips as possible.
Ben has become very callous to the fact that he can be inches from sharks, jellyfish and sting rays on a regular basis, so we're going to take a break this year and hope the wonderment will return later.

Singing (loudly) with the scuba diver he picked as his special treat from the gift shop on our last visit.