Monday, September 16, 2013

Why pay for a waterpark?

When you have one in your front yard?

So, at 13 months, Will is definitely walking! 

...back and forth, over and over...

...smiling ear to ear.

Even while getting sprayed right in the eyes.

Only thing that made him mad was Mommy making him come inside.

even though I tried to make up!

First day of Kindergarten and Preschool

After a busy summer of traveling, swimming, day camps, VBS, and more swimming - it was time to get back in the school routine a few weeks ago!

Although our routine is a little different this year as we now have a KINDERGARTENER in the house!

outside of Westview Elementary school on Ben's phase-in day

We love the fact that Ben gets to walk to school. It's usually a family outing, if everyone is awake!
riled up for the real first day

 walking and chatting with co-kindergartener and neighbor

So far, even with a classroom switch two weeks in, Ben is enjoying school...although he has commented that kindergarten is "all work, work, work." He is in Mrs. LeMaster's class, and of course, his favorite thing about it is snack time ;), and recess, but if you can dig deep, he says he really likes writing workshop where they create their own books. He's already started his extracurricular activities with an afterschool Art Class and the Good News Club!

Miss Katie Beth started M/W/F preschool a few weeks later, in her second year at Christ Academy with Mrs. Paula. Most days so far she says she wants to stay with me, but then doesn't even look back to wave goodbye once we arrive!

So, happy back-to-school! Here's to new shoes, crisp mornings and economy-size jars of peanut butter!