Sunday, April 28, 2013

Katie Beth is three!

Dear Katie Beth,
Happy birthday sister!

Your third year has been filled with many changes: moved to a new house, got a big-girl bed, became a big sister and got potty trained! Whew, that's a lot of growing for a little girl. With each change has come some adjustments...for instance, learning that the water table on the front porch is not a potty, and that Baby Will can't play Ring around the Rosie yet. And sleeping with baby gates on your door so that you could no longer wander down the dark stairs and into our bedroom every night (which was sweet at first until all three of us were continuously sleep deprived thanks to your loud-paci-sucking-heavy-breathing-leg-kicking-elbow-poking-terribly-annoying sleep habits). So up went the first gate. And after you started climbing over that, up went the second one, right on top. That settled that. Now if we can just get you to "stay in my bed all night long until my clock turns green and no screaming or yelling" every night, we'll consider it success!

Many night you'll climb out of bed after we leave and fall asleep right in front of your gate. We just move you when we head to bed. 

You do still nap every day for two hours, longer if I'd let you. You still have your lovey from Aunt Amanda and paci at bedtime (and roadtrips), although we've been building up to the paci's imminent demise now that you're a big girl. Here's hoping that's a smoother transition for us both than I'm expecting!
snoozing with Coco
what bedhead?
Enough about your sleep issues! That rest is important though considering that from the moment your door swings open in the morning, and I hear an ear-splitting "Mom! Mom! Moooom!" I know it's time to grab some coffee because you go strong allllll day long.

From your songs, facial expressions to playing pretend or even eating your favorite food...when you're in, you are ALL in. Sweet, hilarious, loud and always very passionate! But that's just the way you do most everything - with passion. Happy, sad, excited, scared or mad, everyone in earshot knows how you're feeling at that minute...or second!

On the flip side of moments like the one above, when you're being sweet you are soo sweet and funny and can talk a person's ear right off. Lately when I'm trying to turn your mood around, I'll say that I want to see your happy face and then make a big deal of it when you smile. So you of course have made that into a game and frown on purpose and say, "Mommy, you want to see my happy face? (long pause) It's co-oming!" and then bust out a big cheesy grin. 

Your pronunciation is really good, aside from a few little things. Like, Fix it! becomes "Pix it!" Doggie is "goggie" and God is "Gog".

Speaking of the Big Man, you love to be the one to say the blessing. And 99% of the time, it's God our Father. When you get to the "we bow our heads to thank you", it's "bah bah tank you." And it's precious. 

"talking to Jesus" at the Easter service in Rosemary Beach
You still love all the men in your life and always ask when Daddy is coming home, where Ben is, if you can hug "Baby Wheeeeel". 

I knew I was forgetting so much, so I thought I'd play the 20 birthday questions game that Ben does each year to help remind me. We'll see how far we get!

Katie Beth, what is your favorite color? pink

What is your favorite toy? Minnie Mouse 

What is your favorite fruit? apples (I don't wike stins)

What is your favorite tv show? Mickey Mouse, no! Doc McStuffins

What is your favorite animal? horsey

What is your favorite song? Itsy-bitsy spider

What is your favorite book? Princesses

What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? strawberries This is a lie. You like them ok, but your favorite lunch foods are macaroni (called "wackawoni"), peanut butter and honey sandwiches (no crust), and applesauce. And you l.o.v.e. pizza and pancakes. This is also the point in the interview where I smiled at you, and you said, " Mommy, you look special. Don't talk to me anymore. I have to go poop." Alrighty, I'll take over the questions from here.

What is your least favorite food? green vegetables of any variety

What is your favorite thing to wear? a tutu. Or at least a skirt or dress. You're very opinionated about your clothes already, and even if I give you two choices it's usually still a battle. I bought several boutique bubbles for this summer, and the first time I put you in one, you screamed, "No -this is for a baby! I cannot dance around in this!"
A little bribe goes a long changed into your purple Ariel dress in the hallway immediately following this picture.
What is your favorite game to play? Ring around the Rosie at school, dancing with Mommy, chase and hide-and-go seek with Daddy and Ben

What is your favorite snack? fruit snacks, raisins and goldfish

What is your favorite cereal? oatmeal

What is your favorite thing to do outside? swing

What is your favorite drink? orange juice

What is your favorite holiday? Christmas

What do you like to take with you to bed? lovey, paci and Coco her monkey

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? pancakes (an adult-size portion)

She did answer one more that was especially cute: What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to play!

And I hope you always do. 

Fiercely independent. Hilariously funny. Disturbingly mischievous. Ridiculously cute. Incredibly smart. Down-right exhausting. We love you, Katie Beth, and can't imagine our family without the spunk and sparkle you bring!

Mommy and Daddy

KB's 3rd birthday party: Doc McStuffins!

There are a lot of themes that we could've done for Katie Beth's third birthday party...princesses or ballerinas were way up on the list...but I was so happy that she was excited about a Doc McStuffins party!

She loves watching the show and giving her babies, toys and family members check ups with her doctor kit from Christmas.

And it's all covered in pink, purple and glitter.
What else would a three-year old girl want?!

Oh yeah, cupcakes.

Her party was supposed to be an outside affair, showcasing the brand-new swingset her Papa just built. However, torrential downpours all weekend prompted Plan B, moving some furniture around and clearing out the garage for trikes and inflatable fun!

For posterity, a few shots before the toddler invasion began: 


After a while of working in the clinic, coloring Doc McStuffins sheets for the wall, bouncing in the cupcake inflatable, these kiddos were ready to eat! 

And ready for cake! 

Didn't think to practice first and sweet girl blew out the candles as soon as they were in front of her face.
But somehow she knew to pull them out right away and let everyone lick the frosting!

I had my doubts that I'd get any participation for the organized activities, but I was wrong - these guys were psyched to play Pin the Heart on the Bandaid! It was a whirlwind of crowding and cheating, but pretty cute. 

And then time for the piƱata!

Just hanging out...her belly, that is.
Ben taking care of business
The birthday girl had an absolute blast. After being an attendee at several birthday parties throughout the year, she was thrilled to have a party of her very own, with so many of her favorite people under one roof. 

Only one meltdown, and that was just because everyone had to go home! 

But having fun gifts to open helped cheer her right up. 

just some of her cool loot!
So even though the weather didn't let us have the party we planned on, it turned out to be a really fun time!

Happy birthday, Doc Katie Beth!

Monday, April 15, 2013

"Look Mom - Two wheels!"

Big day for our big guy!

Such a exciting rite of the father and son moment.

and the smile on that face!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Will is Eight Months!

Dear Will,
Another month in the books! And of course, you've done a lot more growing. 

From eating finger foods like bananas and cheerios, 

to sitting yourself up from lying down!
This was a surprise when I checked the monitor one night - eeek!

You pretty much let me know when it's time for bed at night, usually by 8:30. Then you sleep until 4 or 5, have a little nightcap and go back down until 6:30 or 7ish if you're feeling especially accommodating.

The days that we don't have anywhere we have to be, you take a fabulous morning and afternoon nap. But other days, you catch what zzz's you can in the baby carrier or carseat...and are still generally a content little man.

Nursing has fallen on the charts of your favorite pastimes. Unless it's dark, quiet and you're sleepy, there's just too much else to listen to and look at to spend a long time being still!

We went on our first family of five trips this month. One to Wilderness at the Smokies in Seiverville, where we learned you really don't like the pack n play, but an indoor waterpark knocks you right out. 

Breaking in your swimsuit on the last morning because you finally were awake!

A little chilly, but fun for a few minutes of splashing. 

 Our little mountain man

 sweet (at the moment) siblings

 I'm on top of the world!

Our next adventure took us down from the mountains to the ocean when we stayed in Rosemary Beach with three other families for a week. In the same house. Will, you won't remember that trip, but it was crazy! You also won't remember the beach, because this is what you saw of it the very few times you actually left the house:

In between those excursions, we had a quick but fun visit from your cousins!
Finally you had at least one attendant to meet your needs at all times! 
("So this is what it feels like to be the firstborn baby.")


 Of course everyone couldn't get enough hugs or believe how long your hair was. This picture shows the shagginess you'd been dealing with. I decided after they left that it was time to see your eyes again so out the scissors came!

Afterwards, down came the tears (mine)...looking so grown up!

Your big sister and brother love to give you hugs and play with you on the floor...
...which is your preferred spot these days, over your jumperoo or exersaucer. I think you like the freedom as you're trying to crawl, roll, scoot and wiggle your way around.

I say it all the time, but it's worth repeating - we can't get enough you. 

I love the way you squeal, bounce and flap your arms when I come into the room, and the belly laughs you give from a good Daddy raspberry on your cheek or belly. 

You are a special baby boy, and I couldn't love you more!