Friday, October 12, 2012

Will is two-months old!

Dear Will,
Happy two months!

weight - 13.35 pounds (95%)
height - 24.5 inches (98%)
head - 41 cm (88%)

wears size 2 diapers
wakes once a night or less to eat most nights
wears 3 months clothes

Well, we're still getting used to having a new name to say and write around here. 
You are still Baby Will to most of us, and I wonder at what point you'll just become Will. And if you'll ever be William. I sometimes call you that, but it's more like a sweet nickname. I think you'll have to have your own business card before I could seriously call you that!

Or maybe if you just wore a tie.

...the tux may not be necessary.
But, seriously. I could eat you up!

We've had some good times in month two. A couple of playdates:
with sweet Maryn...the beautiful older woman in your life

and baby Charley, your bff that lives just down the street.

learning the ropes as my jogging buddy and also my learning that the key for baby #3 is to keep him portable in order to chase #1 and #2!

Biggest milestone in your second month was this: 
a smirky little smile! 
You started at six weeks and give them out pretty often...and even to Katie Beth, which means you really have no idea how close you've come to getting smothered and/or strangled by your sister.

Well, you might have some idea...

But it's only because she loves you at a level where she can't contain herself. I know the feeling by the way, and may be guilty of nibbling on your ears and cheeks a time or two myself. 

And your big brother couldn't have been prouder the day he got to feed you a bottle. 
Ben loves you so much. But he "really loves Will when he is awake"...and it's true, he gets very excited to see your baby blues wide open and tiny fists punching the air. He's so looking forward to teaching you how to ride a scooter and play spies. Cannot wait!

But I can. 
All that will come soon enough and be so much fun. 

But right now, I'm savoring your squishy parts and sweet "goo's" and "gah's" and all the time with you as my cuddlebug. 

 I love you, Willi-yum! 

Monday, October 1, 2012

The crazy ones

We actually have done more in the past two months than sit on the couch and stare at Will (although I honestly could and be ok with that!). But we've got two other kiddos, who are affectionately dubbed the crazy ones, who would like a little more action in their lives!

This is such a wonderful time in the year for family fun. We've made pumpkin whoopie-pies, 

searched for arrowheads at Red Clay park, 
(imagine our "surprise" when Ben dug up two arrowheads on the shore of the spring's creek?!)

And just really enjoyed the mild climate and getting to spend time outside while neither sweating or freezing!

Ben's best pirate pose!