Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy 1st Halloween!

to our lil pumpkin!

and also to our other festive gourd...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Six months old!

Dear Katie Beth,
Six months - wow! I'm not nearly as emotional as I was when Ben turned six months, and I think that's for a couple of reasons: I know now that six months is still pretty little, and I also know all the fun developments that are just around the corner!

Regardless, you are getting to be such a big girl now.
Weight: 15 lbs, 1 oz (50%)
Length: 26 in (50%)
Head: (25%) We don't know where that came from, but consider yourself lucky!

Sitting up on your own...
...for a few seconds at a time - this was the best I got before catching your face in my hand. Once again, you showed off at your doctor's appointment by surprising me with this new trick!

Sleeping on your belly with lovey...'ve slept this way for a while now during naps, but recently I've turned you over in the middle of the night since you're an efficient roller-over now. I also had to take out the bumper pad as you were really into finagling it over your head. Thank goodness for the video monitor! Not happy that your crib looks like a baby jail cell at the moment, but safety first.

Eating oatmeal...
"Uh, you've got a little something riiight there."


I decided to give you some food to try a couple of weeks ago when you didn't seem settled after your late-afternoon meal. As evident here, you tore right in...even got some in your mouth! (If my video camera would ever cooperate with the Mac, I'll get video up of the show you put on.) Since then we've experimented with some other veggies and fruit, but oatmeal is definitely your favorite at the moment.

Gettin' busy in the exersaucer...
...this thing keeps you entertained for significant periods of time. You love every little station, but the star must feel really good on those gums!

Bathing in the big tub with your bro...
...clean two kids with one bath? I'm all over it. And Ben likes to help by pouring water on your feet and sharing his squirt toys. You help too by showing him how not to cry when water is poured on your head. ;)

Speaking of you and Ben, your relationship just keeps getting more precious. Already at such a young age, you just seem to get each other. He looks at you and you laugh, then he laughs, and you laugh harder. You absolutely light up when you see him and he gets a kick out of you trying to grab his lovey or his hair or his thumb...if he's got it, you want it. Something else funny: if you stop nursing, he'll point to me and say, in babytalk, "Kay Beff, dhere's just a yittuhl more left!"

You've also found Zoe and are very interested in where's she heading when she passes by. But Zoe's never been very baby crazy, so you're adoration is pretty one sided.

As cute as you are, I won't lie - it's been a challenging month. Your reflux medicine seemed to stop helping as much as before, which left you uncomfortable and spitting up even more than before, which I never thought possible. This led to the end of your two weeks of sleeping from 8 p.m. until 7 a.m., and eventually brought back a 4:30 a.m. feeding - neither of us were very happy about that. But the screams you were sending out left little to interpret...I'm pretty sure if you knew some curse words, you would've used them to get me to feed you instead of poke in the paci. It is so hard to see you in pain and not be able to fix it. After a few different attempts at remedies, we've got a new angle to try starting in the morning, and I just pray that this will be the one to offer some relief.

Because, this is the face that we just love to see... may be grandpa's, but you are also everyone else's sweetheart too.

It's been six months full of changes, and we are so touched and thankful to have such a beautiful, smiley little girl to show for it. Here's to the next six, can't wait to see what they hold in store.

I love you,

PS - Six month picture outtakes...
"Can I eat it?!"

"Back off, I'm starving!"

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

festive fall fun part 2

On another detour this month, we made a pitstop in Noccalulu Falls, AL (Jess, this is where we always meant to meet up and camp when you lived here and we lived in Birmingham).

Practicing for his senior portrait

A subhead for this post could be "The Alabama Hat print collection". Tyler ended up at the store with me and decided Ben needed to represent The Tide in Tennessee territory. And represent he does - if this hat is in sight, or recent memory, it is going on his head (including while wearing his Halloween costume).

Happy times in front of the memorial of the Cherokee tribe's princess who jumped off the cliff rather than marry her arranged husband and bring peace to the feuding camps. Drama, drama, drama.

And there were lots of ducks to chase, I mean, feed.

Here's lil Katie Beth and her bright baby blues
this could be from any day, as this is her typical view on our outings...but it happens to be from our trip to the Pumpkin Patch on Signal Mountain. Interestingly, it's not a pumpkin patch at all, but a really cool playground decorated with jack-o-laterns!
Not sure it has quite the same effect in February or July, but in October, it's pretty much the perfect place to play!

the camera does not deceive, this was a mammoth slide!

He was kissing me on the nose and then cracked himself up.

another senior portrait
(but only if he goes to Alabama!)

Another day, another adventure...this one was Kettner's Mill, about an hour away. It's a real-working cornmill that holds an annual festival of vendors, food, animals and general rural fun.
After our fill of carnival food and Tyler getting stung by a bee, we headed home for naps. Katie Beth and I were the only ones who followed through, as it was at this point that the nagging ick-feeling I'd had all day was really taking hold. Tyler and Ben headed back out for a quick run around the city and an impromptu sledding adventure on the riverfront.

According to Tyler this was one of his favorite times he and Ben have ever shared. :)

Crash! And back up the hill he goes...Tyler said there was just no fear and the kid likes it fast! (Mommy's pretty glad I only get to see the still shots)
A very fun weekend, indeed! However, things went, ahem, downhill from here, as Ben threw up six times between the car and house upon their return. We wavered between thinking it was a stomach bug and motion sickness (can't imagine from what?!) all evening as he acted fine, but once we had to change the sheets on his bed at 10, we had our answer. The next couple of days left he and I both housebound, but thankfully the bug skipped over Tyler and Katie Beth. Ben seemed to handle it just fine - gatorade, medicine and movies all day...he loved being sick!

Me not so much, and I am very happy to be feeling better and back in a routine this week. Part 3 to include some homemade craftiness, Rock City, Boo at the Zoo and all the Halloween hoopla!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

festive fall fun part 1

First of all, let me start by saying that Christmas came early this year for Tyler and me in the form of a new camera...we are ecstatic to be able to finally do better justice in capturing Ben and Katie Beth's sweet faces and also the scenery that's all around us (especially this time of year)!

Tyler took this with the polarized lens - I think it's a framer!

Speaking of framers...

We've been making the most of our weekends lately. Tyler teases me that I'm trying to hit every apple/pumpkin/fall/harvest festival within a two-hour radius this month.

He's right - I'm a sucker for a festival.
In what turned out to be a wonderfully misguided trek to Ellijay, GA (note: even if the Interstate exit is relatively nearby, small-town festivals are not necessarily so), we attended the annual Apple Festival right in their quaint town square. There were apples of every variety, and by the time we left, we'd had apple cider, apple bread, carmel apples, and pumpkin swirl bread (wait a second...wrong festival!)

We had to convince Ben that he'd like the caramel on his apple.
Why do we do this? Wouldn't it be better if he just didn't know?!

Ben and his bear buddy

Just happy to be out of her stroller!

(The rest of the good-camera pics won't upload at the moment, so here are some from the pocket camera.)

Once the week comes, and Tyler heads back to the land of wires and brackets, the kids and I still get to enjoy the pretty weather we've been having. These are the moments that I remember how fortunate and grateful I am to be at home with them...there are other moments that I forget that of course. :/ But being on our own schedule on gorgeous days is a newfound luxury that still makes me giddy.
All bundled up for a jog!
I overestimated the chill factor that morning...we were all sweating by the end of the loop.

Back to my affinity for festivals, after nap one Saturday afternoon, we even raced over to catch the last 15 minutes of the Ronald McDonald's Children's Festival.

I think it was worth it.

Ben got to climb into a Big Rig at the. He even honked the horn!
and pet some bunnies,
and jump in an inflatable!
(the haircut really deserves its own post...but this time, it wasn't my fault! Doesn't make it better that we paid for that does it? A second haircut followed that I'm still not satisfied with, but at least it's less Frankenstein-ish.)

After they kicked us out, we decided to just head down to Coolidge Park to see what was going on. Another wonderful mistake, as they were having a wine festival on the bridge (one festival we didn't attend - didn't think they'd love the double stroller up there!) and hot-air balloon show in the park.
Putting on a smiley show of our own!

More to come of our trip to the Pumpkin Patch Park, Ketner's Mill and Oktoberfest this weekend!

PS - If it sounds like all we do is play, I will take this opportunity to say that we've passed a head cold and stomach bug around the house, Tyler is working hard, and Ben is currently on Fall Break from preschool so we're all a bit stir crazy. So, maybe I'm choosing to focus on some more exciting times!