Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy one month Katie Beth

Dear Katie Beth,
Little one, you are such a gift.

Daddy and I were so happy to meet you after nine months of waiting and wondering. I might have been the one to buy you all those dresses, bows and ruffles, but Daddy painted your room pink. As predicted, he is smitten with his little girl. And while he's not too enthusiastic about changing your diaper, and he can't help out much when you are ready to eat, he loves it when you melt onto his chest while he sits in the recliner and tells me just how lucky we are to have you and Ben in our lives.

You are changing every day, growing by the minute. I set aside the newborn clothes and diapers at three weeks, and marvel at the double chin and arm rolls that seem to have sprouted overnight. Your eyes are blue, your hair is sandy-brown and stands two inches from your head after a bath, just a wavin' in the breeze.

You are working so hard to hold your head up high; and you make your brother laugh and imitate your bobble-head ways! You also work very hard to not fall asleep in the evenings and sometimes in the middle of the night, but mostly are a wonderful sleeper, going for three to four hour stretches at a time.

Baby girl, you are so loved. I savor your dependent squeaks and squawks that only I can tend to, the warmth of your breath, the perfection of your skin and the smell of your little head, knowing all too well how brief this time as a newborn will be.

Thank you for being our daughter. We love you so much and promise to do the best we know how to do with this gift we've been given.
xoxo, Mommy

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Four weeks old!

I'm sorry, what? Four weeks - a month? Wow, times flies when you're...well you know what we've been up to.

Regardless, Katherine Elizabeth has survived her first whirlwind month as part of our family. I keep telling her it won't always been this crazy (mainly because that's what people keep telling me), but she doesn't seem to mind as long as her diaper is changed and her tummy is full.

As for me, I'm certainly feeling a lot better today than I was four weeks ago! Recovery has been much nicer this time around, actually, except the reminders of a healing incision whenever I sneeze or laugh. It's sad for me that I didn't get to enjoy Katie Beth's birthdate the way I would have wanted to, but if having surgery and then spending the day doped up on the morphine drip while she got stronger and stronger in the NICU was the way she needed to safely get here, then I will take it! And I'm so thankful for other modern technology that allowed Tyler to show me pictures of her from downstairs throughout the day, and actually let us introduce her to his parents and my sister on the day she was born, from hundreds of miles away, via skype.

It has been a jam-packed four weeks, but as the pictures show, having a newborn will force you to let the laundry pile, boxes stay unpacked, and phone calls go unreturned while you stop and stare and be awed.

Monday, May 24, 2010

thanks to our high-maintenance baby...

...I'm not getting to update as much as I'd like.

No, not this one:
She is still pretty laid back and mostly does a lot of this:
The high-maintence baby is Scenic City Orthodontics - our newborn practice. Tyler is obviously the primary caregiver on this one, and is losing his fair share of sleep and free time, but I'm helping create some of the marketing materials and office documents, etc. So it's requiring most of my hands-free time! Fortunately, I enjoy what I'm doing and I also have an "in" with the boss when I don't get much done during the day.

That being said, better get back to it while KB sleeps and Ben builds a Lego tower! Hoping to get caught up on here later this week with more of this...
and definitely an explanation for this:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Belated Mom's Day celebrations

Since we were in the process of moving on Mother's Day this year, we celebrated with my mom and dad a week later with some special guests - my California-livin' sister and brother-in-law!

We enjoyed a delicious brunch at Foodworks, and lots of time drinking coffee and just hanging out person for once instead of Skype!

Happy Mother's Day Mom! You sure earned it this year :), couldn't have made it through the last few weeks without your help. Knowing how much you love my children and watching you together always reminds me how blessed I am to have you in my life. We love you!

and finally, some smooshy lips and cheeks that I love to munch on...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Settling in...

So two weeks ago, I had one child to care for, was pregnant, working (for a paycheck), and living in Birmingham. Then a hurricane swept through, and I quit work, had a baby, and moved out of one house and into Chattanooga! Add to that, a month ago, Tyler was a resident, then commuting between two cities, and now officially owns a practice and goes to a real job every day, and you could say it's been a busy few weeks!

There is just so much I want to write about, but the timer that is currently laying on my chest is ticking down quickly, so I'll just share some pictures of our first week in Chattanooga and commentary from my first guest blogger.
"Hi, I'm Katie Beth, and I am two weeks old!"

"Mommy borrowed this sling from her good friend, and we're trying to figure out how I should sit in it without suffocating or falling out. The online tutorials were marginally helpful."

"I'm sleeping well through the night - feeding every three hours for 40 mins or so - and taking long snoozes during the day."


"Here are my tiny feet. I'm precious in most every way."

"My hairdo is ridiculous, and so far, bows don't stay put."

"So much for Mommy's plan of avoiding a pink overload!"

"Whew, blogging wears me out. zzz..."

Thank you KB! Now here is a shot that takes some time to get used to. Not to mention the time it takes to get them both in there! We have so far had two outings on our own. Katie Beth is so far not a fan of Starbucks, BiLo, Gymboree or the McD's drive-thru. To calm her down when she cries, Ben sings her a precious song that my mom taught him that needs to be videotaped...I'll get right on that.

Speaking of Ben, aside from some whining and tantrum issues, he's handling all the change like a champ! After telling him over and over that we were moving to Chattanooga, I found out yesterday that he thinks the house is named Chattanooga! As in, "yook, Mahmmy, Chanoona!" as we pull in the driveway yesterday, and "bye-bye Chanoona!" as we pull out today.

He talks about all his friends from school often, but has been keeping busy...
birdwatching through self-decorated "binoculars",
building houses with Legos,
bathing (occasionally),
and doting on his little sister.
He loves to hold her,
and stroke her face, and hold her hand.
But then reminds us that he's not all growed-up just yet! He still needs lots of hugs and cuddles, and we're happy to oblige.

After a long few days of packing, moving, unpacking, unpacking, unpacking, we decided to take the night off last night! We met up with Francis, Kirsten, and Austin (one month younger than Ben, and his totally awesome pal) in Northshore for dinner at Mudpie and fun at Coolidge Park. It was a beautiful evening, and I'm so mad that I didn't have my camera. Hopefully, it's something we'll do again soon!

So that concludes the first blog post from this stay-at-home mom-of-two in Chattanooga! Thanks to lots of prayers, support from our friends and help from our parents, whom we are eternally indebted to, we have survived so far...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One-week old!

Going to the doctor is not how most of us like to spend our birthdays, but Katie Beth was a trooper and did great! She barely made a peep when getting her blood taken; and we learned that she has exceeded her birth weight within a week, which the doctor said was rare...atta girl! She went from 7 lbs, 8oz at birth, to 7 lbs, 1oz at discharge on Saturday, and now we're at 7lbs, 10oz. Looks like we have another good eater on our hands so far, which makes mommy relax just a little, as this baby has been my delicate sipper instead of the voracious gulper her brother was!

Her days and nights are definitely a little turned around, and the nights are basically a blur, but nothing a little mid-day nap (for me) can't fix! She has just been a really sweet little girl these past seven days, and Tyler and I have decided we're not going to talk about her being a wild woman any more...for fear it might come true! She is an angel.

Ben is doing great - a doting big brother if I've ever seen one. He needs to know where she is at all times, and loves to touch her, hold her hand, and tickle her feet. Seeing them together just warms my heart and amazes me at the same time to know that they are both ours.

And now, just a few pics from Katherine Elizabeth's first week at home...

Snuggling with Daddy - we miss you and can't wait to see you tomorrow night!

Tickles from big brother

Baths with Mommy...someone's gotta do the not-fun stuff!

We've had a good week with Grandma here to help, but she's spending a lot of time behind the camera these days. More to come (eventually)!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Day out with Owen (and Thomas the Train)

In case you're wondering, I wrote this beforehand, while I was e-nesting late at night and scheduled it to appear in the future - certainly not up to the task at this moment!

Earlier this month, Wendi and I packed up the boys and headed to the railroad to meet Thomas the Train. Ben isn't a diehard TT fan (hasn't yet caught an episode on tv), but he enjoys a trainride and some festivities as much as the next toddler, so I knew he'd have fun.

I mean, who doesn't like...

listening to an animated storyteller,

jumping in a bouncy house,

petting goats,

mooing with baby cows,

getting tattoos,
(wait, what? anyway...)

watching toy trains go by,

playing a round of golf,
(or as my little Canadian called it, "hockeyball")
(and also got a hole-in-one)

waving to people from your awesome seats on the train,
all with Mom by your side?
These boys loved it all.
Thanks for a fun day, Owen (oh and Thomas too)!