Thursday, December 27, 2012

Elf on the Shelf strikes again!

Our elf, Sneaky, arrived in town the Saturday after Thanksgiving this year. He made a happy little entrance with new Christmas pj's and plates/cups and other goodies, including a bag of North Pole pancake mix. (I told Sneaky later that I wished those NP sprinkles were those big chunky ones so they wouldn't have dissolved when baking.)

A letter from Sneaky!
Rocking her antlers
Sneaky spent the season getting into all sorts of mayhem and mischief.

slurping the syrup
Katie Beth wondering why she hadn't thought to do that yet
wielding the light saber
hanging unmentionables on the tree!
pretending he was a baby 
teaching the toys the true reason for the season 
enjoying a relaxing marshmallow bath
 He even traveled with us to Nashville and Canada, because Ben didn't want him to spend Christmas alone. :) Thanks for coming, you Sneaky elf, you! See ya next year!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Will is four months!

Dear Will,
Time is flying by!

weight: 16 lbs
size: 6 months
diapers: 3

Oh Will. We love you so much!
You continue to be the sweetest addition to our family -

 and such a charmer, always ready with a smile and a cuddle.

And maybe a chuckle if I tickle you under the arm! Our babysitter commented that you're the only baby she's ever known who smiles and laughs during a diaper change.

Your hair keeps growing and growing and people constantly tell me what a pretty baby girl I have, even when you're wearing all blue.

And how about those sideburns?!

You are babbling and cooing up a storm and have recently discovered that your hands are able to grab and hold...usually it's your paci though, which you yank out of your mouth and then can't get back in. Or my hair, which you twist up in your clammy grip at lightning speed.

You're not rolling over yet but are pretty good at pushing up on your arms.

And it's also a nice way to show off your rooster hair!

We're working on figuring out a schedule, it's just hard when every day's plan is a little different. You're a good napper in the carseat fortunately, as long as it's in motion. This means no traffic jams or casual browsing at the store - keep it moving mom!

Eating is still your favorite pastime and something you are ready to do every three hours on the dot.

(Might be a little early for Thanksgiving dinner though)

And you got your first cold this month, despite my best efforts to keep your siblings' grimy hands off of you - they just love you too much to stay away.

Whether it was the cold or a growth spurt, I don't know, but you've decided sleeping through the night was a silly idea and now prefer to go to bed around 8 or 9 and wake to eat at about 2...and again at 5 or 6 and then sleep til 8 or 9. So there's a little more togetherness in the nights than I'd prefer, but I know it's only a phase and nothing my morning cup (or two) of coffee can't fix.

You've enjoyed your Bumbo seat and activity mat more this month, but are still partial to your swing during the day and nap nanny at night. I honestly do not know what we would do without those contraptions!

I look at you, Will, and my heart just bursts. Before you were born, I worried that our third child would just get caught in the shuffle, but you make that simply impossible with how irresistible you are to love. 

So happy to call you mine,