Friday, July 30, 2010

Three months old!

Dear Katie Beth,
Three months is a big milestone, as it seems to mark the official end of newbornness (in my mind anyway). And you've come a long way in, what I've heard called the fourth trimester!
...holding your head up so big, rolling over a few more times (always in front of others...except for Daddy), and taking great daytime naps and long stretches of sleep at night.

You gained a whole pound in one month, so you now weigh 12 lbs, 15 oz - my chunky girl!

The medicine you're taking for reflux may not have lessened the incredible amount of spit up that you produce, or bibs that you have to wear, but it certainly has seemed to help your mood! Which is the most important thing, because that means you are feeling better too. Car rides have also been much more pleasant as you've given up the fight and now finally seem to find your car seat relaxing.

Our little tree frog/spider monkey, you still love to be held. Your other favorite things right now are taking baths each night, the Baby Einstein activity mat - you light up before that plastic sun starts shining and just kick, kick away; and the light switch cord ball-thingie above your changing table has the same effect.

You also tolerate the Bumbo seat for long periods of time, but it's a risky place to perch you as it seems to aid in your digestion in a certain, explosive kind of way!

You follow my voice, and coo and give gummy grins that make me feel like a superstar when I smile at you. Thinking of you now, as you nap just a few rooms away, makes my heart swell with love and pride. Maybe I'll go get you up...or maybe I'll catch a quick shower instead!

I love you my sweet girl,

Three-month picture outtakes:
"Flower Power!"

"Seriously. Get this off of me."

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Two and a half!

Well we're smack dab in the middle of the twos, and I have to say that Ben seems to stay in the mid-range of that "t" word that usually precedes "two". He certainly has his moment/hours/days of whining and tantrums, but he still has just as many belly laughs and cuddles.

Some snapshots of his silliness and current happenings:

(after first ice cream cone)

weighs 30 pounds and wears 2T clothes

takes a 2 - 2 1/2 hour nap, and sleeps about 11 to 12 hours at night

wears size 5 or 6 diapers...yep, they don't make them any bigger! The pediatrician gave me a pass on potty training though for a few more months to make sure he's fully adjusted to all these changes.

is a sensitive soul and gets his feelings hurt easily with a sharp tone of voice or sometimes just being told no. He's gotten a few pops to the thigh, but so far, cooling off while standing by the door has been most effective. When asked if he's ready to come out, he will sometimes exclaim, "I say yes ma'am!" as there was a streak of timeouts due to replying to my requests with "no way!" and getting instructions of what he should be saying.

calls all grown-ups "mommies" and "daddies"

talks in long paragraphs, but I've been assured it's totally normal that we only catch 50% of his stories

(riding his Doberman pal, Hector...who is very patient after living with his own toddler, Austin)

loves singing, dancing, and playing instruments...usually all at the same time

is pretty polite and will say "feese", "dank oo", "you're velfum" and "quez me" (excuse me) with little or no prompting, most of the time.

favorite question is "what's dat?" and will sometimes ask me the names of random strangers, "what's his name?"

recites a few of his books: Goodnight Moon, My Daddy and I, Sam's Speedy Firetruck and Corduroy Goes to the Doctor

counts to 13 and then repeats "dirteen" until he gets to 20

moves at a snail's pace when getting in and out of the car most times. This makes me batty. His stalling techniques are also demonstrated when trying to leave somewhere fun, like the park:
"not ye-et!"
"in a yittuhl bit."
"one more minute!"
"one more time." (when I told him to stop dipping his fingers into his OJ)

scares me with his climbing up and jumping off any- and everything

says "cake, chips and french fries" when asked what he wants to eat

uses "my" instead of "I" or "me"
"my do it!"
"my otay!" (always assures me when he coughs)

enjoys a good argument - primary tactic is reversing whatever you've just said:
"no, Austin doesn't have to leave"
"no, it's not time to go"
"no, it's not a cow, it's a horse"

likes to use his imagination:
"there's the mommy frog and baby frog." where's the daddy frog? "at verk"
turned his hot wheels upside down and told me he needed to change their bapers (diapers).
laid his plastic bugs on their backs, covered them with his lovey, and turned on the sound machine. "My bugs go night-night." and then leaned over to give them a kiss goodnight.
has long conversations with Nana and Aunt Jess on his play phone

(apparently growing tired of building houses and towers with Mommy, he constructed a couple of dinosaurs one day while I was on the computer!)

knows our names - by then end of his cousins' visit, he was calling us "Uncah Tyer" and "Aunt Dacy"

(I leaned in to get a picture with him, so he leaned too)

is handling change like a champ! We've been trying out different churches since we've moved and always try to pump him up about a new church. So when visiting my parents a few weeks ago, we pulled up to my their church and he yelled, "new church!" They were impressed with his enthusiasm.

obsessive compulsive about putting his toys in lines, and is also really good at matching. Improving on colors, but he is still super confident in his answers...fake it til ya make it, Ben!

confident in his masculinity :)

gets excited about dinosaurs, pirates, cars, "firepucks", "feese cars" (police), "tool bus" (school), sports, motorcycles, bumblebees, and the moon

l.o.v.e.s. his "babee sisser, Kay Beff" I keep waiting for his infatuation to fade, but so far he loves to show her off, dote on her, kiss her forehead and help get things for her. And he's only sat on her once!

We can't believe our baby will be three in six months. We are having a blast with this kid and just think the world of him...can you tell?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

6 days, 5 kids, 4 adults, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms = 1 great time!

We had such a good visit with Tyler's mom, sister and three of her kiddos this past week! There are 488 pictures compiled from all the cameras to prove it, and it was slightly challenging to choose which to post.
So here's the highlight reel!
Group shot on last night
From left to right: Kianna, Nana, Aunt Amanda, Caleb, us, Cassia and her American Girl

Nana and Ben playing an in-depth game of cars, complete with train derailments, ambulances and lots of sound effects.

Uncle Adam couldn't make the trip, but as Ben's "sports uncle", he sent down a cool air hockey table for Ben that we all enjoyed!

"Ant Ahmannnn" might have five kids of her own, but she always goes out of her way to make mine feel special. And she definitely has a fan in Ben!
I can't begin to explain how helpful, patient, fun, kind and caring the cousins were with Ben. From changing his pj's at night and singing lullabies to running countless laps around the house as Ben yelled "Chase me!", they each left big shoes for me to fill in their absence. :)
The Prentice family doesn't sit still for long, and we got to do lots of fun things during their stay.

We had dinner at Tony's and walked around the Bluff View Art District,

explored the aquarium,
celebrated all the birthdays we miss throughout the year,
played at a number of parks,
rode the carousel,
and caught fish, crawdads, and even a copperhead snake at the Hiawassee!
...and Katie Beth caught some zzz's
And oh how everyone loved on Katie Beth.
If it weren't for feedings, I'd never have seen the girl!
Such a wonderful visit. But we sure missed these two cuties, Cadence and Kalyssa! (and Papa and Uncle Adam too)
Thanks so so much for making the time and considerable effort to come visit, you guys. See you all on Skype soon!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

from my perspective...

this is one sweet little girl.

Who slept TEN and a HALF hours last night!

And who knows how much longer she would've gone if I hadn't had to wake her to get Ben to Mother's Day Out. Sure, it may be a fluke (God, please don't let it be a fluke), but that was one good beauty sleep!

Now if only she'd take a nap so I could get ready for the Canadian cousin invasion that is scheduled to arrive this evening, along with Aunt Amanda and Nana! We are soo ready for some fun - post to follow eventually!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy 12th of July!

(Sounds better than being eight days late, doesn't it?)

We took two days this year to celebrate America - where we enjoy so many freedoms, opportunities...and eye-popping fireworks!

That picture was taken after Chattanooga's show, as Ben was proclaiming, "Fireworks go BOOM!". The next picture was taken during the show, as Ben was crying, "My go home!"

In hindsight, we should've prepared him for what a downtown fireworks show would sound like. At the time however, I was more concerned with getting a good spot in the park, and Tyler was focused on our car's spot in the lot! So as we're settling in (to our awesome spot), I say, "Now, Ben these will be really loud." "Oh-tay!" he replied cheerily. And then, without warning, up come not one, but like 12 of those insanely loud cannonball ones that you can feel in your chest. And suddenly Tyler was holding the hysterical, high-maintenance child as Katie Beth just snoozed in my arms.

"Test child, fail." my clever husband said. "We'll know better on the next one!"

The following evening, we headed to a neighboring community's festivities. Sidebar: If you live in the area and haven't been to Collegedale's celebration, you should. It's really good, and they have funnel cakes, lemonade and just that whole small-town vibe that makes you feel especially American. Ben did exceptionally better this time around...

doing a little tailgaiting
drinking some lemonade
and dancing the after-lemonade jig
(Birmingham moms, please don't hate on the muscle tshirt. It was festive, cool and cost $3.)

It was a little bright for pictures when we first arrived,
and even when the sun started to set, the kids weren't much for posing.

at least, not with us.
so cheeky.

The hordes of other families with toddlers and babies shuffling back to their cars with us made me feel better about two 11-pm bedtimes in a row, but Ben was losing steam and couldn't turn down a free lift.
Good times! On a related, yet random note, Tyler had told Ben that fireworks are my favorite (not sure in which category...but I do enjoy them), and he loved to repeat that back. When we asked him what his favorite was, he thought for a moment and said, "special treat". And I just thought that was really smart!

Oh, and happy Canada Day too!
And if you don't know when that was, just consider me right on time. :)