Friday, September 25, 2009

Farmer Ben

There is a cherry tomato plant in our backyard, and last night Ben decided it was time for the harvest.
Being that this plant has not yeileded much fruit for us, and also that I was trying to make dinner at the same time, I let him pick til there was not a single tomato, red or green, left on those vines.
At one point when I checked in on the progress, I saw that Ben was having a hard time holding on to his "bapoos" ("tomatoes", but he's really saying "apples" which is what he thinks they are.) So I got him a bucket for his crops...after I got some footage of his efforts.
"Three under my chin, six in my hands - drat, there goes another!"

Finally with a bucket and a height advantage, he managed to gather the rest.

Proudly showing off the fruits of his labor:

Taking a closer look:

I told you he was proud.

Tired feet at the end of a evening in the fields

This might mark the frocs' (fake crocs) final appearance. I'm not sure how to say goodbye to the frubber (fake rubber) shoes that he has worn every. single. day. since that day in May when I forked over that $7.99 at the drugstore. But I am sure it's time.

That'll do shoes, that'll do.

(someone will get that tie in, I just know it...)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Twenty months old!

Ben is closing in on two-years old and acting more like it everyday. (what? I mean that in a good way!) He knows exactly what he wants, when he wants it and what he's going to do with it once he gets it. His parents, teachers and sometimes his friends, just interfere with those plans on more occasions than he'd like. The friends get the worst end of the stick - he's a biter - but we're working at home and at school on using our words to express frustrations.

Well none of that made almost-two sound very good! Instead of trying to dig myself out of a terrible-twos hole, here is some solid evidence that Mr. Ben is still very much the apple of our eyes! I spend a large part of our times together just trying not to literally burst with the pride and love I feel for him, and not munch on his chubby cheeks...too much.

Prompting some of his favorite words:

My apologies for Zoe's ill-timed potty break and props to our neighbor Charlie for his cool slide-climbing skillz.

This is the sound that erases those early-morning screeches and snack-time whines from my memory.

...not too shabby at the slide, is he?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend whirlwind

Well it was a busy weekend. Zoe needed a bath, which thanks to the monsoon season, needed to be done indoors. Ben thought the whole thing was hilarious and was very intrigued to see Zoe in his tub.
"Nice right hook you've got on that tongue, Zo!"

We celebrated Travis' 2nd birthday with a construction themed party at his house, complete with bouncy house! Kelley, Simmons and Travis tried their darndest to help Ben have fun in there, but Mommy knew better and stayed outside with the camera.

He was much happier shoving handfuls of raisins in his fish face.

and also riding on the dog statue and tossing balls around the room.
After the party, we headed home for a quick lunch,

then off to Nashville where we celebrated my dad's birthday! Ben wore himself out playing extremely hard at Grandma and Grandpa's,

and relaxed with a nice movie on the ride home,

and under a self-built pillow fort before bed.

A busy weekend payed off with a 7:15 wake time for Mr. Ben this morning - a great way to start the day! Now if only he'd go to sleep tonight...

one hand in my pocket

Heading in to my dad's birthday breakfast, Ben saw Tyler with his hands in his pockets so he had to stop to wedge his chubby little fingers into his own.

Just a casual stroll with Wubie.

"Thanks, Dad. I'm ready to eat!"

Thursday, September 17, 2009

take a hike

Thanks to our new handy dandy backpack, that's just what we did on Saturday afternoon!

Ben definitely loves this thing - to the point that he runs in circles shouting "backpack!" when we mention it. And why wouldn't he? He gets a bird's eye view of the foliage and whatnot, meanwhile his snack cup, sippy, and lovie are all perched in his nest alongside him.

And it really provides that extra "oomph" to the excursion, from the additional 40 lbs weighing down your shoulders and back to the squats and lunges you get to do retrieving said cup, sippy and lovie when they "fall" overboard. Whew!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Buh-bye summer!

Seacrest Beach
family vakay 2009
The Crandall/Isle/Prentice families again closed out the summer the proper way - at the beach!

We had high hopes for Ben's beach enjoyment this year as upon our arrival, he was immediately enamored with the waves,

and pumped up to play in the sand.

Yep, high hopes indeed. Alas, it was not meant to be. The bright sun, steamy air and sticky sand still seem to cramp his style for the most part. We spent lots of time entertaining ourselves "in-ide" the condo and taking non-beach related excursions.

Ben and Tyler on a bicycle built for two. I ride solo...for the safety of all.

Uncle Michael and Ben sharing their daily popsicle.

Big pimpin' poolside in his bathrobe with Aunt Jess

We did have glimpses of beach fun though!

"Grandma collected this special sand from way down the beach just for me. She loves me like that."
"A little to the right Dad, thanks."

Then we did some picture posing in our coordinated outfits and cheesy grins,
and strolled down the shore....
"Buh bye summer. Mwah!"

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

that face!

I'm working late tonight, and Tyler sent me this picture from his phone.

Nice. Apparently Zoe wasn't looking where she was jumping and laid Ben out on the ground, one paw on chest, one on face. :( That accounts for the scratches that, thankfully, missed his eye.

The mark on his forehead is a rug burn from the condo where we stayed at the beach this weekend. He was super excited about the big bouncy ball G&G brought and tried to roll on top of it, only to land, yet again, on his face.

Poor kid - where's that bubble wrap when you need it?!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Without further adieu...

The rest of our Canadian trip! Tried to stay in order, but that's hard to do when all the days just blend into one day of fun - enjoy*!

*if you're really bothered by the captions getting cut off, as I am, you can doubleclick on the show to watch it in full view.