Friday, June 22, 2012

Belly-Bump pics of Baby BOY!

I realized recently that I never shared that we are expecting another sweet BOY! (And yes, son, I am expecting you to be sweet. And easy, and mellow, and just, you know, go with the flow. Thanks!)

August 16 is rapidly approaching. 7.5 weeks. For the longest time I had this nice cushion of procrastinating preparations until we moved into our new house. Well...we moved! Three weeks ago now, and I had to deflate that cushion and get on the ball. And so Tyler's painting as I type. :)

Pregnancy #3 has been similar to the other two, in that it's pretty non-eventful. I'm one of the lucky ones, for sure. Heartburn? [wincing] Yes. Short of breath? [panting] Yes. Trouble getting/staying comfortable in bed? [deep sigh] Yes. But I'm still chasing the kiddos around, and I passed my glucose test (the 2nd one :/) so I can keep up my sweet-tea habit, and all around I just have a lot to be thankful for. 

Without further adieu, here is a quick growth progression of our William Evan (Will). If my belly is out of focus, it's because he's rarely still - probably my most active in-utero baby, even more than KB. 

Just getting all that energy out of the way now, I'm sure. ;)

19 weeks - March 25

26 weeks - May 14

32 weeks - June 22

Now in the "homestretch", we ask for prayers if you think about it for Baby Will - that he stays healthy and safe and knows that he is loved. 
We can't wait to meet him!