Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Five months old!

Dear Katie Beth,
You are SO cute, we can hardly take it.

You've become quite the social butterfly this month, craning your neck towards the action - TV, daddy's voice, Ben's squeals...whatever is going on, sleeping or eating cannot compete. And then you smile and laugh, like you are just part of the party.

This month has been lots of laughing at funny noises we make for just that purpose, trying really hard to sit up, finding your feet and learning the ability to grab any- and everything that crosses your path...usually to shove it straight to your mouth.

about one in every 50 items actually belongs in there!

"Well, hello. Let's get to know each other."

I'm trying really hard to get you on a regular sleep and nap schedule.
Up until now, you've just gone with the flow during the day, bending to Ben's and my social calendars. But it's high time to make your quality sleep a priority, don't you think?! Ben was a "Babywise" baby, so I tried that with you too, but you never really took to the philosophy. So now we are trying "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child". For the last month or so, you wake at 4 a.m. to feed, with a couple of sporadic nights of multiple wakings mixed in just for fun. I'm hoping to make the rare sleep-through-the-night incidents more of the norm here soon.

The best part of waking up is when you greet me like this - happy as a clam in your straight jacket!

I don't always see a big resemblance between you and Ben, but it's evident when you sleep and that jaw drops. I think I have this exact picture of Ben on my shoulder that I need to find to compare.

What's that about sleep props?! You can see we're all about that here in the Prentice house - Ben with his thumb and lovey and you with your paci and now the lovey that I learned knocks you right out!

You have mastered the art of rolling back to front and also front to back - if I'm not watching, you will roll yourself right off this mat and into the hockey net!

And you've also gotten good at the tripod sit. It's not steady, doesn't look comfortable and collapses easily...but it's progress!
(rocking your Minnie Mouse t-shirt and ears from Grandma's trip to Orlando)

You are eating about 6 times a day, wearing size 2 diapers and 3 - 6 month clothes. Several ladies have commented that you're petite, but your stats last month put you at average, so I think it's just your feminine features they're noticing.

We all love you bunches and can't get enough of that laugh and gleeful expressions that light up your face. Happy five months KB!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life's a Beach!

I so admire those people who can take a vacation's worth of pictures and pull out five or six favorites to post, knowing that that's about enough to maintain interest.

I am not one of those people, and so begins a monster post about our beach trip over Labor Day weekend. But when reviewing the hundreds of images on our computer (and that's after Tyler mercilessly deleted hundreds others), I did the best I could at hitting the highlights. And at least I'm not making you watch them in slide form on a Saturday night! (Jess, we'll totally do that at Thanksgiving.)

This trip marked Katie Beth's maiden voyage to the beach....Santa Rosa Beach on the Gulf Coast to be exact.
She was a sweet baby and tolerated the car, the pack-n-play, the condo, the beach all very well..."well" being a relative term for a four-month old!
Knowing how elusive a good shot can be with fussy babies and feet-dragging guys, we made a couple of attempts at the required family-beach-pictures.

"The Ben Pout". He has perfected this, and uses it when reprimanded, ever so slightly. This time the offense was not being able to eat a cookie after the first picture.

Everyone looking at the camera = success!

bonus points for the dramatic sunset!

Everyone in the frame, but kids looking at who-knows-what = eh, good enough!

There there's these two, who now have a dozen of the same perfect pictures because they are so darn cute.

And a great shot of my parents, who made the trip possible. Thank you!

A few more from the golden hour...
The rest of these are in random order, but since we spent every day at the beach, at the beach, it doesn't really matter!

Building sandcastles with "Aunt Dess"

Bathing beauty hamming it up

Morning in the condo

soaking up the sun

popsicles with daddy

flying a kite

lounging with Grandpa

OK, well Tyler and I did go to the outlets one afternoon, which explains my makeup and an outfit other than a beach coverup... J & M didn't want to go, and cooked dinner while my parents watched the kids. This is the life!

My not-so-crabby girl

sweet, sandy toddler feet

Ben and his "Maw". They were so inseperable during the trip that we started referring to them as one person, "Maben".

Crab hunting!

All three, just happy as clams

He promptly wiped his cheeks after this picture - so sad!


This year was finally the year that Ben enjoyed playing in the ocean and sand! (2009 and 2008 were not as successful.) He had so much fun every morning, which always makes for a great nap in the afternoon. :)
float from Nana? check.
Toy Story towel? check.
50 SPF lotion, sunglasses, hat, longsleeve rash guard? check.

Let's hit the beach!
(what? so I don't want his precious baby skin to burn!)

working away

Talking strategy with Daddy

Surf's up, Ben!

Isles of Adventure, we missed you the moment we woke up with you gone. Please feel free to refer to the following pictures of sweet bonding as often as you like until Thanksgiving.

Thanks for the Elmo hoodie, "Uncle Myhill"!

Such a fun, relaxing and refreshing trip and great to have everyone under one roof (well, for a few days anyway...I'd settle for same city...same roof might be a little much!). See you next year beach!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Four months old!

Dear Katie Beth,
You are such a dear.
Your fourth month has been so fun!

We got your picture taken.

watched you grab toys on your activity mat and discover your hands (which are great for sucking on)
(propped up here to try to prevent excessive spitup. Emphasis on "try".)

encouraged you to roll over

laughed at your crazy hair and googly eyes

made you feel part of things by hanging with us in the Bumbo

helped you figure out the jumperoo
You're a little small for it, so we have to prop you up with a towel. But you are really into standing up with your strong legs, so we thought it was time.
We were right - you love it!
(and we love those chunky thighs)

But obviously, as the shirt says:
"what's not to love?"
You weigh 13.8 lbs and are 25 inches long (the 2-mth measurements were a bit off), this puts you in the 50% for weight and 70% for length.

You're still sleeping at some point during each feeding cycle and go to bed between 8 and 9 at night, wake to feed at 4ish, then back to bed (sometimes ours) until 8 or so in the morning.

Dr. Brannon said she can feel a tooth ridge...which explains all the hands in your mouth. Your brother's first tooth came at 8 months, so I certainly wasn't on the lookout for teething yet!

You've experienced your first cold, and even with a runny nose, weepy eyes, and wet cough, you still managed to beam that gummy grin when prompted.

We love this smile and the hearty laugh and gurgle that comes with it. Your daddy thinks you are the prettiest thing he's ever seen, and Ben exclaims, "her miled at me!" whenever he catches you watching him with glee, which you often do. You warm my heart, my dear baby girl. Happy four months!

I love you,