Sunday, April 28, 2013

KB's 3rd birthday party: Doc McStuffins!

There are a lot of themes that we could've done for Katie Beth's third birthday party...princesses or ballerinas were way up on the list...but I was so happy that she was excited about a Doc McStuffins party!

She loves watching the show and giving her babies, toys and family members check ups with her doctor kit from Christmas.

And it's all covered in pink, purple and glitter.
What else would a three-year old girl want?!

Oh yeah, cupcakes.

Her party was supposed to be an outside affair, showcasing the brand-new swingset her Papa just built. However, torrential downpours all weekend prompted Plan B, moving some furniture around and clearing out the garage for trikes and inflatable fun!

For posterity, a few shots before the toddler invasion began: 


After a while of working in the clinic, coloring Doc McStuffins sheets for the wall, bouncing in the cupcake inflatable, these kiddos were ready to eat! 

And ready for cake! 

Didn't think to practice first and sweet girl blew out the candles as soon as they were in front of her face.
But somehow she knew to pull them out right away and let everyone lick the frosting!

I had my doubts that I'd get any participation for the organized activities, but I was wrong - these guys were psyched to play Pin the Heart on the Bandaid! It was a whirlwind of crowding and cheating, but pretty cute. 

And then time for the piƱata!

Just hanging out...her belly, that is.
Ben taking care of business
The birthday girl had an absolute blast. After being an attendee at several birthday parties throughout the year, she was thrilled to have a party of her very own, with so many of her favorite people under one roof. 

Only one meltdown, and that was just because everyone had to go home! 

But having fun gifts to open helped cheer her right up. 

just some of her cool loot!
So even though the weather didn't let us have the party we planned on, it turned out to be a really fun time!

Happy birthday, Doc Katie Beth!

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